Weiser wrestlers place first at tourney

Weiser wrestlers were in Elgin, Ore., last weekend at the John Rysdam Memorial Tournament where they handily took first place by beating Baker, Ore., among others.  
 Since this tournament followed the La Grande tournament last weekend, it is natural that there would be bouts with wrestlers from last weekend, especially since Baker and Elgin wrestlers were at both tournaments.  
 Ask any coach and they will tell you that it is truly difficult to beat someone three times. That is what some of the Weiser wrestlers accomplished last weekend at the John Rysdam Memorial Tournament.  
 What was different about this weekend’s tournament is that the wrestlers were placed in pods where everyone wrestles each other and then seeded for tournament the next day. 
 The difficulty lies in those matches where you faced the wrestler the weekend before, during pod Friday, and then again in the Saturday tournament.  
 There are only so many approaches that a wrestler can take to not show all of their moves, but to show just enough to get the job done.   
 Weiser had two wrestlers on each side of this particular situation. Matthew Morris faced an Imbler wrestler, losing to him in La Grande and again in the pods, although it was a much better match. During tournament, Morris took a different approach and finally defeated the Imbler wrestler in a hard fought and strategic match.
 Brody von Brethorst also faced a Baker wrestler for the finals in La Grande, again in the pods, and finally again in the tournament final this weekend.  Von Brethorst defeated the Baker wrestler each time, but the approach was always just a little bit different. Same tenacity, but slight changes in movements to get the job done.
 Most wrestlers, at the very least, faced a wrestler two times last weekend and Weiser answered the call to win some very important matches. Weiser wrestlers again had some non-scorers for the team, who got in some very good practice during their live matches. 
 Weiser had a little bit of a slow start on Friday, but definitely rose to the occasion on Saturday during the tournament when the points counted.  
 “Saturday was definitely a new day for these young men,” Coach Drew Dickerson said. “They worked the kinks out during the pods on Friday and worked hard when it counted on Saturday. We had some wrestlers working on some specific fundamentals and moves in a lot of the matches and they had great success. Having five men take first, and having placers in every weight class shows you the strength and depth of Weiser wrestling.  We also had younger and new wrestlers have great success and some secondary level brackets with first place finishers as well. It was a great weekend for Weiser wrestling.”
 Individual results were:
 First place – 120 pounds,  Seth Harris; 126 pounds,  Kooper von Brethorst; 152 pounds,  Brody von Brethorst; 160 pounds,  Trae Gluch; 220 pounds,  Darrian Hoobery.
 Second place – 106 pounds,  Mason Strong; 113 pounds,  Conor Marsh; 138 pounds,  Robert Sudderth; 145 pounds,  Matthew Morris.
 Third place – 126 pounds,  Justin Williamson; 132 pounds,  Sylais York; 170 pounds,  Malachi Hoobery; 182 pounds,  Paul Crawford; 195 pounds,  Jesse Lockett; 285 pounds,  Elijah Carter.


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