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District 9 Seat A House of Representative Ryan Kerby running again in 2022

I have enjoyed representing the people of Washington County and all of District 9 the last few years. I have many communications with folks when I am at crab feeds, ballgames, pancake breakfasts, coffee shops and restaurants, NRA banquets, etc., on the phone, via texts, emails, etc. People in this district consistently contact me about bills I will be voting on, and that is how I determine which way to vote. I really enjoy the flow of conversation.
 I grew up on a dairy here in Idaho and have lived in District 9 for over 40 years. My wife Kathy and I live near New Plymouth. Kathy grew up in Weiser, then later worked at the Weiser hospital for 20 years. My brother Dave was the principal at Park School for 17 years, and his wife Connie, who grew up in Weiser, taught at Park School while Dave was principal. 
 My sister Gail Hogg and her husband Jim live in Weiser. My mother Marge lived in Weiser 70 of her 92 years before she passed a little over a year ago. I have many friends and acquaintances in Washington County who keep me on the straight and narrow, representing their wishes and desires. 
 I have been extremely pleased with the work I have been involved in accomplishing while in the Legislature. 
 The last two years we have passed the two largest tax cuts in Idaho history, averaging over $200 million each. I cosponsored the bills each time. Last year, we sent out a nice income tax rebate check to Idahoans, and this year the rebate check will be even larger. We spent $60 million additional dollars this year supporting our men in blue, our police and sheriffs. We paid down debt on roads. We put $200 million one-time dollars into bridge and road maintenance this year, as well as an additional $200 million on going. We made some judicious investments into our K-12 education system this year, including salaries and benefits for educators and funds for early literacy, while at the same time increasing accountability so that many more kids will be able to read at grade level in the very near future. We have cut regulation the last few years to where Idaho is now the least regulated state in America. 
 We need to continue maintaining roads and bridges, improving our schools, making our criminal justice system more effective, supporting small businesses, reducing regulation, keeping government from growing as fast as the economy, and supporting agriculture. We need to reduce property taxes and get rid of the sales tax on groceries. 


 I look forward to listening to the good people in District 9 and continuing to represent them in the legislature.
Conservative candidate Jacyn Gallagher is running for House Seat 9A
Jacyn Gallagher is the Conservative candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives, seat 9A.  District 9 deserves strong conservative leadership to protect our Constitutional rights and personal freedoms. 
 With recent redistricting, District 9 now encompasses all of Washington and Payette counties and northwest Canyon County. 
 The last few years have seen a wave of absurdity sweep across America, with boys competing in girls’ sports, abuse of parental rights, forced medical compliance, teaching children woke nonsense about American history, and economic decisions that are fracturing family budgets. These issues are now infiltrating the great state of Idaho.
 Jacyn will work for Idahoans to protect their conservative values and rights. She will support legislation for property tax reform and grocery tax repeal so you can keep your money where it belongs, in your own hands.  
 Jacyn started her political involvement in 2008 as a member of the Tea Party and was elected secretary of her county Republican Party Central Committee. She is currently a Precinct Committeewoman in Washington county. 
 Since her retirement in 2020, she has been involved at the state Capitol as a citizen watchdog and has provided legislative testimony. She endorses Representative Judy Boyle for the 9B seat.  
 All her legislative decisions will be checked through the filters of Liberty: Is it moral and founded in God, is it Constitutional, does it limit government power, does it reduce spending, will it benefit the people?
 Jacyn makes her home on the Weiser Flat. She is a Christian mother of two wonderful adult children, and the wife of a retired U.S. Navy veteran. 
 She would be honored to represent the hard-working people of rural Idaho by promoting our shared conservative values in the Idaho state legislature. More information at
Washington County Commissioner Nate Marvin running for re-election
My name is Nate Marvin and I am running for re-election for District 2, Washington County Commissioner.
 My ancestors came to what is now Washington County in the 1880s by wagon train and settled in the Middle Valley. I went to school in Weiser, graduating in 1972. I attended college at Boise State for one year and returned to Weiser. 
 I went to work at the City of Weiser in 1985 as the Purchasing Agent/Public Works Director. My duties included day to day management of streets, solid waste collection, storm sewer, wastewater, airport, and the electrical distribution system.  
 Beside preparing and administering operating budgets, I implemented five-year operating plans for most of the departments. I have had the opportunity to work with engineers and consultants on large and small public works projects and have attended numerous training schools put on by the FAA, US-EPA, Idaho DEQ, and the USDA Rural Development.  
 I have been on numerous boards and held elected statewide offices as part of my job. When the City switched from Idaho Power to Bonneville Power for our wholesale power, I was involved in the contract negotiations.
 Since being elected to Commissioner of Washington County, I have worked to secure additional funding for our roads and bridges without raising taxes or trying to pass bond elections. In a recent engineering study, Washington County was advised they should be budgeting at a minimum $2 million per year for road maintenance. This isn’t for payroll, equipment, maintenance of the equipment, chip seal oil, or gravel products.  
 The road and bridge budget falls way short of that $2 million for just paved road overlays and rebuilds. Most of the county roads were constructed without any base material, which adds greatly to the cost of road maintenance. This recent legislative session has dedicated $200 million for local bridges and the Governor has signed it.
 We have brought three new businesses into our County including Intrinsic Organics, AFC Refinishing, and most recently Pacific Fiber. We were told this could develop into 30 to 40 new jobs for our County. The Commissioners gave these new businesses tax breaks as allowed by law to help them get established here.
 We need to continue to find revenue sources for our local ambulance services. This is going to become more problematic as we have less volunteers to rely on, costs keep going up for emergency medical services, and replacement cost for ambulances continue to rise.
 We are starting to see the increased effects of illegal drugs in our County. We need to work with our State Legislators and our Federal Legislators to combat the drugs coming into our community and support local police and sheriff on this issue.
 Today, running for elected office is still one of the best ways that a person can contribute to society. Start making some changes, even small ones, by running for office.
 I have been married for 44 years, have three grown children, and eight grandchildren. Hobbies include camping and watching grandkids play sports.



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