GSG Pawn now holding online auctions

It’s been a year since Tyler and Brittany Graham made the move to Weiser and bought what was then RC Pawn from long-time owner Randy Crosby.
 The business, renamed GSG Pawn, is now booming, customers swarming the shop on any given day to either consign their personal items or check out what is available.
 “Yes, we are gaining momentum; it has picked up tremendously, but that momentum is still in the building phases,” said Tyler who has high expectations for his shop. “It’s remarkable arriving where we are at so far and we are continuing to build and grow.”
 Perhaps the biggest step forward since opening is the shop’s new online auction service. Launched on May 7, GSG now has the ability to list in-store items online utilizing  Idaho HiBid, the bidding software developed by Auction Flex, which provides auction software aimed at helping businesses manage live and online auctions. 
 The service helps catalog, clerk, cashier, pay consignors, manage mailing lists and inventory, and more.
 “It’s a website that has a lot of different dealers and individuals selling stuff,” explained Jeff Purney, GSG’s newest staff expert and Tyler’s brother-in-law. “It’s similar to how it works with eBay. They reach different people from around the country and the world. You can filter for distance; so, someone in Boise can put in a search parameter for 100 miles, and it would show our auction house.”
 Since opening, the Grahams have been joined by experts Andrew Glenn, who was hired in August 2021, and Purney who moved to Weiser about five months ago.
 Glenn and Purney add a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of items and niches, which has added value to their customers’ overall experience.
 “The idea to get involved with HiBid came about at the beginning of the year,” Purney said. “We wanted to try to get this up and running by summertime, so I took it upon myself to take on the project. It took about a month of me learning the software and us figuring out what we were going to do for our first auction.”
 The shop’s first auction went live on May 7 and ended May 17. Purney said they were pleasantly surprised at the results.
 “We got pretty good attention for being our first auction considering no one knew who we were, but we got bids on everything except for a couple things,” he said. “It’s going to be good. Ever since we started advertising that we were going to do this, we’ve had a lot of people asking about it. For the first two or three auctions, we are sticking with more of the stuff we have in shop. We’re going to test run it with our inventory.”
 Purney said people who bring their items in for consignment now have the option to include them on HiBid.
 “The sale happens faster with HiBid,” he said. “If someone is moving to a different state and they can’t take all of the stuff they have, and need money quick, HiBid would be a good option for them.”
 Some of GSG’s future plans include handling estate sales, which could include the sale of real estate.
 “We are working toward that but it most likely won’t happen for about another year,” he said. “We’ve even been flirting with the idea of one us getting our real estate license. That way, we could completely help someone with an entire property. This is the pinnacle, I guess, of what we would like to achieve, but we are starting out small. We don’t want to bite off too much.”
 GSG is launching its second online auction this Saturday, May 28, which can be accessed here:
Barbecue planned for June
 In celebration of their one-year anniversary and the success they have experienced thus far, the Grahams are holding a Customer Appreciation Barbecue to be held June 18 at GSG Pawn, located at 25 E. Main St. in downtown Weiser.
 There will be burgers, hotdogs, and refreshments. All are welcome.


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