City is looking for input on the future of Weiser on Sept. 15

Well, it was another weekend of camping at Upper Payette Lake. Cathy and family had been up there for a little over two weeks and I have gone up on the weekends. This time, it wasn’t just Cathy and I that hiked into Josephine Lake, but myself and the rest of the family. 
 After getting there, the two daughters and one of the grandsons decided to get in the lake and go for a swim. Considering that we were high enough for patches of snow to still be on the ground at lake level, you can imagine how cold the water was! Brrr! I only got my feet wet. 
 The weekend’s highlight for me was an epic “naval” battle on Upper Payette between my grandson and I in my canoe, and two of the adult kids in kayaks. There was actually a dry spot on the back of my T-shirt when we made it back to camp.
 Now on to City information. 
 Many people have been interested in the City’s Comprehensive Plan now being prepared by an outside firm. For those of you who may not know, a comprehensive plan is required by Idaho statute. It is structured around 17 different factors such as population and growth, schools, economic development, land use, public services, natural resources, housing, recreation, community design, and other areas to “comprehensively plan” for the needs and desires of the city and its residents. It is a combination of hard facts as well as thoughts on the needs and direction of the City. 
 The factual portion of the plan has been completed. Now, this is where you come in. 
 On Thursday, Sept. 15, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Vendome Events Center, there will be an open house to present the information gathered and to then get your input regarding the City’s needs and your vision for the future of Weiser. 
 This is the community’s opportunity to combine everyone’s thoughts to set a path forward. I have always believed that our collective ideas are much more useful and insightful than anything I or any other individual can come up with. So… come on out! The community needs your feedback, your comments, and your ideas to make Weiser an even better place to live, work, and play!
 By the way, the City received good news this week! A few weeks ago, I mentioned some of the items that the City had in the works or planned to place in the works to improve the City. Well, last week, we received word that the City of Weiser was awarded a Pedestrian Safety Grant from the State of Idaho’s Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) for $250,000. The funds will be used to construct sidewalk from Weiser High School, down Indianhead to Rolling Hills Golf Course, then down State Street to connect to existing sidewalk leading to downtown and to the bike path at Memorial Park. 
 To qualify for the grant, the project needed to be shovel ready. Thanks to prior administrations and city employee’s forethought, the plans for the sidewalk had been drawn up years ago. It just happened that funds were available this year due to the State of Idaho’s budget surplus and the decision at the state level to put part of the surplus into transportation and alternative transportation infrastructure.
 At this point, we are unsure exactly how much of the project can be completed with the $250,000. If need be, there are other grants we have been told Weiser would probably be eligible for to finish up the sidewalk. We will know more within the next few weeks as we have a bit more time to research costs. I will keep you posted. 
 Well, that’s it for this week! Hope to see you next month on Sept. 15 to plan for the future of Weiser!


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