Redevelopment district one way to spur growth

Steve Lyon
 Some ideas were tossed around
on Facebook a while back about
what should go up at the vacant lot
where the Ridley’s store once stood.
Some were frivolous and others were
thoughtful – a restaurant,
fast food, strip mall, apartments
and the list went on.
It’s a prime piece of real
estate in downtown Weiser.
I haven’t seen the commercial
property listed for sale
Weiser has a number of
vacant parcels and empty
buildings in and around the
downtown area. Unfortunately,
the terrible winter
of 2017, which we refer to
as “Snowmageddon” with
a shiver, created some of
those empty lots.
There is a vacant parcel on East Commercial
Street where the bowling alley
once stood. It was for sale at one point.
There is another lot at East 1st where an
old autormotive repair shop was located.
It, too, came down during the winter of
Weiser doesn’t have a redevelopment
district like other cities to spark development
activity. They are created by ordinance.
Some are called redevelopment
districts and others are called revitalization
areas. Some are private, nonprofit
organizations, while others are privatepublic
A redevelopment district
exists, as the name suggests,
to move development forward,
usually in an area of
empty buildings and vacant
lots. Depending on how they
are formed, they can receive
grants for projects like signage
and beautification.
Some use tax-increment
financing to pay for redevelopment
activities. Property
owners within a designated
redevelopment area do not
pay additional property taxes
but a portion of the property tax – the tax
increment – is set aside for redevelopment
Other communities have downtown
business districts, which are organized
to get all businesses in an area on the
same page with projects designed to enhance
the area and drive growth.
I’m no economic guru and ideas are
a dime a dozen. The real estate market
dictates, of course, the demand and development
of properties.
Meanwhile, we wait and hope investors
come in and build in this century. • • •
Kids sure are spoiled these days.
Weiser has not one but two annual Easter
egg hunts.
When I was a youngster we only had
one Easter egg hunt. Real hardboiled
eggs were scattered around. I guess nobody
worried about our cholesterol levels
in those days.
Last Saturday, the Ole’s Mens Social
Club held its egg hunt. The club deserves
a shout out for organizing the Easter fun
every year. Club members raise all the
funds and buy all the eggs and candy.
Each kid also received an Easter basket.
The club doesn’t ask for thanks but
deserves it for what it does in the community,
both at Easter and Christmas.
Another shout out to the members of
the Nazarene Church in Weiser. They
will be holding their big Easter egg hunt
on the church grounds on Saturday. And
it is a big hunt with a lot of ground for
kids to cover in search of prized eggs.
Steve Lyon is the editor of the Weiser
Signal American. Contact him at


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