Wolverines are stalled in fourth by McCall defense

Josh Mizar, 10, goes up for two points against McCall in Tuesday’s, Jan. 30, home court action. Photo by Michelle Estes
Michelle Estes
The Weiser Wolverine boys’ basketball team faced a tough defeat on Tuesday, Jan. 30, losing to the McCall Vandals with a score of 52-80. For much of the first quarter the Wolverines struggled to execute their offensive strategy and on defense were unable to slow down McCall’s top scorer. 
 McCall started the game with a significant lead, scoring 17 points without any response from Weiser. However, the Wolverines managed to settle in after almost 6 minutes of play, with Kolin Cook hitting Josh Mizar on a backdoor cut for 2 points. Thirty seconds later, Cook dribbled past a screen set by Finn Dolton and scored a 3-pointer for Weiser. Cook managed to score another 3-pointer at the end of the first quarter, bringing Weiser’s score to 8 points, while McCall put up 23. 
 In the second quarter, the Wolverines played much better, adding 17 points to their total while holding the Vandals to 8 points. Weiser managed to gain an advantage by out-rebounding McCall, creating second-shot opportunities on offense. Jack Shirts, Mizar, and Dolton all scored points off rebound putbacks or rebound shots they were fouled on and went to the line. 
 Dolton received a pass from Shirts in the corner for a 3 beyond the arc, bringing Weiser to within four points with 3:50 to go in the second. McCall answered with a couple of buckets and a 3-pointer. 
 Mizar helped reduce the point differential to 6 points with a free throw and a solid post move on the block for 2. After 2 quarters of play, Weiser was down by 6, with a score of 25 to 31.
 In the third quarter, the Vandals started with a 3-pointer. 
 Cook quickly scored 2 points with a full-court dribble and lay-in for the Wolverines. 
 McCall then went on an 8 to 0 scoring run until Shirts added 3 points for Weiser on an and-one situation. 
 With 4 minutes and 30 seconds left in the third quarter, Weiser started to get the ball to fall. Braden Phillips assisted Shirts in making a deep 2-pointer in the corner. Carter Jensen found Mizar open in the corner for a 3-pointer a minute later. After some back-and-forth action by both teams, Cook passed the ball to Mizar at the top for a 3-pointer. Then, with 25 seconds to go, Cook had another assist when Shirts made a 3-pointer in the corner. 
 Despite the Wolverine surge, the Vandals increased their lead to 12 points by the end of the third quarter, making it Weiser 41, McCall 53.
 The Wolverines tried to push hard in the fourth quarter but were unable to keep up with the Vandal scoring. McCall had their best quarter of the night, adding 27 points to their total while Weiser added 11. 
 Ninety seconds into the fourth quarter, Shirts made a 3-pointer and was fouled, bringing Weiser to within 8 points after making the free throw.
 Diego Delgadillo created a surge of excitement for the Wolverines as he hustled to create fast break shots. He made a full-speed lay-in with over 5 minutes and 30 seconds left, bringing Weiser to within 4 points. Soon after, Cook scored 2 points for Weiser with another fast break lay-in, making it Weiser 52, McCall 61.
 The Vandals held the Wolverines at 52 points for the remainder of the game while they drained multiple shots, increasing their score to 80. At the end of the night, Weiser lost 52-80. 
 Shirts was the top scorer for Weiser with 19 solid points, Mizar had 14, Cook with 12, Dolton added 5, and Delgadillo had 2. Mizar led Weiser in rebounds with 8, while Shirts and Jensen both had 6 boards.
 Scores at the end of quarters:
Weiser McCall
1st: 8 23
2nd: 25 31     
3rd: 41 53
4th: 52 80


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