WHS carpentry class observes building process on West 9th

Weiser High School carpentry students, bottom from left, Yovani Ramirez, Elijah Sandoval, Matayah Sharrai, Emma Odoms, Mickal Valdez, Gavin Nagasaka, and Judah Parsons. Middle from left, Ryan Youngberg, Josh Mizar, Kailee Lerew, and Elvis Williams. Top, Kendall Rynearson and Mason Brush.
Keith Boles
The Weiser High School carpentry class went on a field trip to the new Olds Ferry Subdivision on West 9th St. This was to not only teach the kids valuable life lessons but also help out with the shop classes’ other projects
 The carpentry shop class, taught by Jon Lundberg, has been building large structures for 25 years. For a lot of those years, they built sheds. This year they  built three sheds in total.
 The sheds are bought by the people of Weiser and all the sheds are ordered custom.  However this year, all the sheds are already pre-sold so there are no more available this year.
 The cost of the sheds also has zero markup. The only money you would have to pay is just the cost of the materials. All profits from the sheds go straight back into the program meaning they can do even bigger and better things.
 Lundberg, with the projects he does, hopes to teach the kids many life skills that they can use in their futures.
 “I want the students to have a solid foundation in construction, so the students can operate tools safely and efficiently, to instill a good work ethic, also to be great people,”  Lundberg said.
 To help further instill these kids with these life lessons Lundberg took over 70 students to the brand new subdivision.
 The students got to see seven different houses all in various stages of completion. They got to see the foundations of some homes being able to see what they look like. They got to see people laying out concrete as well.
 They also got to enter the model home. The model home was a favorite part for many of the students due to it being nice to see the final step of the building process.
 They also learned about the HVAC system of the homes, the electrical wiring, plumbing, and water systems of the homes. Along with seeing sheetrock roofing being done as well.
 “We saw the foundations, the framing, the plumbing, the HVAC, the electrical, and sheetrock roofing. They were doing all of it that day. Seven different homes, all in various stages, including the model house which was completely done,” Lundberg said.
 All of this was done to teach the kids more about the world of construction so that in the future the kids may go on to have careers in the field of construction and already know a lot going on.
 “Hopefully, we understand that what we do in class is just like what they do in the construction world. It may spur them on to a career in the construction field in the future,” Lundberg said.
 Needless to say, this was a home run for the WHS carpentry class. Hopefully, in the future the students take what they learned with them in their future careers and that they have many great experiences to come in the WHS carpentry class. 


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