What is the central committee and why is it important?

by Margaret Jensen
Disclaimer – I am a registered Republican, so I am not speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party.
 This election is filled with a lot of interesting twists, including the attention you may be seeing on the Republican Central Committee and the precinct committee people.
What does the central committee do? 
 There are multiple responsibilities of the Central Committee, but probably the most important are: (NOTE – The only people who can vote on these decisions are the elected precinct committeemen and committeewomen). 
 • In the event a county elected official vacates their seat before their term is up, the Central Committee sends a recommendation(s) to the governor or county commissioners (depending on what position is vacated) for a replacement. Both parties may submit candidates. 
 • Voter communication/education (vetting candidates) – help voters in their precinct understand issues, candidates etc., so they can vote with the knowledge they need to make their choice on the ballots.
 • Selects members to represent the committee/county at the state meetings where higher level policy is made, and the leadership of the State GOP are elected into office! 
 • Fund raising events for endorsing and supporting candidates according to the bylaws.  
Who makes up the central committee: 
 The Central Committee consists of:
 • County precinct committee people – Elected by their constituents in their precinct.
 • The executive committee – who are all elected by the precinct committee people. These positions do not hold voting privileges on the Central Committee. They are chair, vice chair, state committee woman, state committee man, youth delegate, treasurer, secretary. 
What is a precinct person?
 Let’s start with the importance of your elected precinct committee person!
 • A precinct person represents their political party in their specific voting precinct.  
 • They are elected by the voters in their precinct and represent them in all matters of the county party. 
 • Precinct people are part of the Central Committee which is the governing body of the party in the county. 
Who is running for our precinct chairs? 
 The following are on the ballot for the corresponding precincts. I encourage you to do your own due diligence to see where these candidates stand on issues that are important to you. These people will represent you in supporting your values on issues concerning the Republican party in Washington County.  
 • Precinct 1 – Eaton Hale: Jon Mills and Brian Miller.
 • Precinct 2 – West Weiser: Ron Robbins – running unopposed.
 • Precinct 3 – South Weiser: Cassie Foster – running unopposed.
 • Precinct 4 – Weiser: Margaret Jensen and Lisa Collini.
 • Precinct 5 – Middle Weiser: Craig Callahan – running unopposed.
 • Precinct 6 – East Weiser: Sam Lancaster and Jay Chamberlain.
 • Precinct 7 – Midvale: Jake Mikek and Jay Langer. 
 • Precinct 8 – Cambridge: Ron Jaeger and Terry Fry.
 • Precinct 9 – Pioneer: Nikki Houser and Austen Thomason.
 • Precinct 10 – Sunnyside: Jonna Duvall-Williams and Chris Christopherson.
 • Precinct 11 – Mineral: Debbie Moxley-Potter and Eric Brewer.
 So, remember – your vote does matter!


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