What about me?

Dear Editor,
 The current effort to pay off the Senior Center mortgage may have the above effect on you!
 But, if you will give me a moment of your time and grace. (Grace = what I don’t deserve.)
 My wife and I were planning to enjoy a wonderful lunch (they’re all wonderful) at the Senior Center. Only, for added clarity, do I point out that patrons are to pay $5 per meal by putting the money in a box, unobserved, kind of like the honor system.
 The Center provides a service to our amazing community to provide a nutritious meal for those, whether out of convenience or need. No one needs to explain or give account for why they come to the Center; for a mean, friendship, fellowship. The staff does a great and wonderful service for Weiser’s seniors, and for a few dollars more, even the younger community.
 To retire the mortgage will allow the Center to work more effectively; and allow continuing services.
Ron Handel,
Weiser, Idaho


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