Weiser High graduate joins All Star Barbershop

Malachi Hoobery, shown at right cutting Weiser High School student Yahir Valdivia’s hair, is the newest barber in town. Hoobery graduated from WHS in 2022. He was the starting center on the varsity football team and also wrestled. He began cutting his teammates’ hair while participating in those programs. Above, All Star Barbershop owner Ruben Favela, left, cuts Weiser resident Ken Krigbam’s hair. All-Star Barbershop is located at 26 W. Idaho St. Photo by Philip A. Janquart
Philip A. Janquart

Hoobery started out by cutting his football and wrestling teammates hair

All-Star Barbershop in Weiser has a new barber.

 A few months ago, owner Ruben Favela hired 2022 Weiser High School graduate Malachi Hoobery after former employee, Anthony Dovalina, moved on to a new career.
 Malachi graduated from Boise’s Paul Mitchell barber school in August of this year and was happy when he learned there was an opening in Weiser.
 “It was great,” said Malachi, who started at All Star on Oct. 20. “I was pretty stoked when he (Ruben) texted me about the job.”
 Without the opportunity, he would have been forced to seek a spot at a shop outside Weiser, possibly even the Boise area.
 He may not have known it at the time, but Malachi began shaping his future when he was still a kid.
 He and brother Darrian, who graduated from WHS in 2019, began cutting each other’s hair when they were in middle school. By the time he was a sophomore, Malachi already had some experience under his belt and began cutting hair for his teammates on the wrestling team.
 “Between wrestling and football, I had a lot of friends and we would cut each other’s hair before state wrestling matches,” explained Malachi, who was also the Wolverines’ starting center on the varsity football team.
 He helped lead Weiser to a 34-33 victory over Sugar-Salem to capture the 2021 3A State Football Championship.
 “We would just go in someone’s basement and cut everyone’s hair,” Malachi said. “After a while, I was the designated person to do it.”
 He continued cutting his teammates hair through senior year.
 “After that, I had a bunch of buddies who just always came by, either at my house or we’d go up to the high school, in the bathroom, to get their hair cut,” he said.
 Malachi learned of the opening at All Star Barbershop in early fall.
 “It was really convenient that Malachi was available,” said Ruben, who graduated from Boise Barber College after managing a call center for 10 years. He took over the business, located at 26 W. Idaho St. in Weiser, from long-time barber Allen Widener who retired last spring after a 50-year career.
 Some of Malachi’s friends still prefer to get their cuts from him, but instead of meeting at his home or one of the bathrooms at WHS, they now stop by the shop.
 “I think it’s super convenient for them,” Malachi said, adding that he gives his old buddies a break on the price. “I had one buddy who let me practice on him before I got started and he still gets his haircut from me. I still try not to make them pay. Sometimes, they’ll just give me whatever they have.”
 Malachi worked at Peoples Furniture during high school and has also done maintenance work for an apartment complex in Ontario, a part-time gig he maintains as he works on expanding his client base at the barber shop.
 All Star Barbershop, at 26 W. Idaho St., is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
 Ruben and Malachi, who updated the shop, specialize in modern styles, but do everything from skin tights, fades, tapers, and other styles like mullets. They also trim beards.
 You can go online to make an appointment at http://allstarbarbershop92.booksy.com, call at (541) 212-8810, or you can simply walk in. You can also call Malachi directly at (208) 550-9762.


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