Weiser Classic Candy chosen as new product beta test site

Weiser Classic Candy’s Patrick Nauman recently demonstrated a new product, the Whirzle, that turns any flavor of fudge into a frothy, frozen drink. The store is beta testing the product for Calico Cottage, a world leader in made-in-store fresh fudge programs. Now, every Wednesday is Whirzle Day at the downtown Weiser Classic Candy. Photo by Philip Janquart
Philip A. Janquart
The ‘Whirzle’ bridges flavorful gap between fudge and a milkshakeIt’s so crazy, the idea probably never crossed most people’s minds: what would happen if you combined the thick, richness of a piece of fudge with the icy smoothness of a milkshake?
 To get the answer, you need to visit Weiser Classic Candy where owner Patrick Nauman is currently serving up a new product – the “Whirzle.”
 The local retail and destination candy store was recently chosen as one of only five in the United States to serve as a beta tester for the Whirzle Frozen Fudge Drink. Nauman began offering the unique sensation to patrons a couple weeks ago.
 “It’s amazing; it’s kind of like a cross between a slushy and a milkshake,” Nauman said while pouring the drink at his shop at 449 State St. in downtown Weiser.
 “They are nice and rich and thick,” he said. “The fudge mixes up just a little bit different. The cool thing is, the customer will be able to come in and get any flavor they want from the fudge we have made at any given time.”
 Under the display glass on Friday was huckleberry, peanut butter Oreo, chocolate cherry, raspberry lemonade, and chocolate M&M, among others.
 The Whirzle is the latest innovation from Calico Cottage, the world leader in made-in-store fresh fudge programs.
 “It’s the company that I buy my fudge ingredients from that is launching this product,” Nauman noted. “They sent a notice out to their thousands of customers all across the U.S. and said, ‘Hey, we’re getting ready to launch and we’re looking for five beta test locations in the country. If you’re interested, and want to put your name in the hat, let us know.’”
 So, that’s just what Nauman did. His task was to describe why he thought Weiser Classic Candy was the perfect place for a product test.
 “That’s what they asked of us, so I just went to town,” he said. “I told them why we were the right location and, as luck would have it, we were picked as one of the five locations in the country to be able to do this. Basically, it’s our job to test this new product for two months. I have to keep sales records and customer comments and feedback. 
 “I have a meeting every week with the company to give them the pros and cons of the product, how it’s going and what customers think. So, as a beta tester, we are the people that get the feedback, so the company can perfect the product before it goes out to the rest of the country. In essence, we are a Guinea pig.”
 Calico Cottage provided Nauman with everything he needed to make and serve the Whirzle, including a new mixer and 16 oz. cups. He is already experimenting, adding some of his own twists to the drink.
 “I started playing and substituting,” he explained. “The liquid in the recipe, honestly, is just water, so there are no added calories or anything else to it. But today, I made a Whirzle with a shot of espresso. We’ve got lemonade-based fudges and, so, instead of water, I’m going to add lemonade to get a little more lemonade flavor. There are a lot of things we are going to be able to do with it.
 “And that’s the fun about being a beta tester: I get to explore all of this, write recipes, and send it back to corporate; you know, ‘This works, this doesn’t,’ that kind of thing.”
 Every Wednesday is “Whirzle Day” at Weiser Classic Candy, according to Nauman who said customers will receive $2 off any Whirzle they are making that particular day.
 For more information, call (208) 414-2850 or email candyman@weiserclassiccandy.com


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