UI Extension Office to provide workshops

University of Idaho Extension Offices in southern Idaho are sponsoring two events beginning in January, according to Weiser Extension Office Educator, Tyler O’Donnell.
 They are the Southwest Idaho Calving Schools and Farm and Ranch Family Succession Planning.
Southwest Idaho Calving Schools
 The Southwest Idaho Calving Schools will be held on two separate days from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., in two different locations. 
 The first will be on Jan. 4 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Cambridge, with O’Donnell serving as the instructor. 
 The next is on Jan. 5 at the UI Caldwell Research and Extension Center, located at 1904 E. Chicago St. in Caldwell. Extension Educator, Cheyanne Myers, will be the instructor.
 Those wishing to participate are asked to RSVP by Dec. 29, 2022. To take part in the Cambridge school, please call (208) 414-0415, or (208) 459-6003 to participate in the Caldwell school.
 Areas of instruction will include proper cow nutrition, preventing and handling calving difficulty, recognizing normal and abnormal behavior, proper equipment and planning, managing newborn and stressed calves, and preventing and treating scours.
 Cost is $10 per person and includes lunch.
 “We have a team who will be presenting, including Dr. John Hall, Dr. Lauren Christensen, Scott Jensen (Owyhee County Extension Educator), Tyanne Roland (Adams County Extension Educator) and myself,” O’Donnell said. “In addition, we will be covering cow nutrition, from before we calve all the way through necropsy, if that is needed, and care for calves after they are born, such as preventing scours and things like that.”
 Scours is the major cause of death among calves before they are weaned. It decreases the ability of the calf to digest milk protein and causes the calf to lose appetite, become very weak, and run high temperatures.
 “We are going to have calves we will use for necropsies and we are also going to do demonstrations on those calves before we necropsy them; So, how to use OB chains, what some different presentations look like, in uterus, whether that is, say, a leg retained or something like that,” O’Donnell said.
 The instruction is intended to help ranchers keep animals healthy.
 “You’re talking about a newborn calf, and that’s a significant investment, even if it hasn’t hit the ground yet because you’ve fed that cow for an entire year, waiting to get another calf out of her and then keeping that calf alive from the time it’s born all the way until you ship them out, so they all represent a very significant financial investment,” O’Donnell said.
Farm and Ranch Family Succession Planning
 The series take place on Thursdays, beginning Jan. 12, 2023, and goes through Feb. 9, 2023, from 6-9 p.m. at the UI Caldwell Research and Extension Office in Caldwell. Cost is $100 per operation, which includes materials.
 Those wishing to participate should register by Jan. 6, 2023 by calling (208) 287-5900 or by scanning the QR code associated with this story. For questions or more information, please contact Andrew Bingham at abingham@uidaho.edu.
 “This is a new series that we are bringing to the southern district,” O’Donnell said. “Farm and ranch planning is a big topic, especially with the average age of farmers and ranchers increasing every year.”
 The seven-class series is intended to help farm and ranch owners navigate the transition process.
 Topics include whether there will be a successor for the farm/ranch, whether the farm/ranch is financially viable to transition, appropriate transfer strategies, next steps in the succession planning process, first family meeting, legacy statement, mission statement, organizational structure, job descriptions, and resource inventory.
 For more information, call the Weiser UI Extension Office at (208) 414-0415.


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