Two of six WHS robotics teams make it to quarter finals in January tourney

Keith Boles
The Weiser High School robotics teams recently participated in a robotics tournament on Jan. 16 with two of the teams doing extremely well and making it to the quarter-finals.
 The tournament, Valley of the Vex robotics, was at East Valley Middle School in Nampa and it featured 48 high school and middle school teams.
 Six of those teams were from Weiser High School, led by their coach, John Lundberg. Two of those teams did exceptionally well making their way to the quarter-finals of the tournament.
 Those two teams were Ballistic, whose members were, Justin Ragan, Kaleb Sivero, and Keegan Willet.
 The other team was El Cherurobot, whose members were,  Chris Cruz, Luis Orozco, and Esteban Rodriguez.
 The other four teams were team SLUG, whose members were Austin Mosley, Ryan Glen, Kade Hill, Logan Rasmussen, and Elizabeth Thomas. 
 On Team Godzilla, the members were Shane Bush, Kaleb Sivero, Keegan Willet, and Roman Salinas.
 Team H.I.V.E  had members, Soren Alder, Max Burkhart, Kaiden Peck, and Brett Fadling.
 Finally, in team Achilles, the members were Jorge Martinez, Tony Torres, Alex Dunbar, and Evelyn Rodriguez.
 The game they played with their robots was called Over Under. The game has two sections to it, an autonomous section, and a player-controlled section. 
 The main objective of the game is to get balls into your team’s scoring zone by using your team’s robot.
 During the autonomous section, drivers cannot directly control their robots and must instead use pre-programmed actions to score points.
 At the very end, the robots must use the grabber device on them to climb a pole as high as possible.
 The team whose robot gets the highest on the pole wins more points with the other teams also earning points depending on how well they did.
 After all that, points are tallied up and a winner is declared.
 The coach of the teams, Lundberg, was very pleased with how the meet went as a whole and could not be happier with the results.
 “Our tournament in Nampa was a huge success, not in terms of how our teams placed, but in the experience gained which was fantastic,” Lundberg said.
 Ragan, a member of team Ballistic, was also quite happy with how the meet went for the WHS robotics team.
 “Team 9551C “Ballistic” has a very good robot and an even better team. We improved a lot from our first tournament and we feel good about that,” Ragan said.
 Cruz, a member of team El Cherurobot, much like the rest of his teammates from WHS was simply ecstatic about his team’s performance.
 “We are a small school, but we have the heart of a Wolverine,” Cruz said.
 The next tournament is on Feb. 9 at Vale High School, and the state tournament will be on March 1 in Pocatello.
 Let’s hope that with the next meets, the WHS robotics teams can do even better than before.


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