Third generation resident, Harberd, files for candidacy

Jim and Darla Harberd are pictured above. Jim is running for Washington County Commissioner in District 1 on the Republican ticket in the May 21 primary election.
Philip A. Janquart
Former cattleman and farmer Jim Harberd, a third generation Idahoan, has filed for candidacy to run for the Washington County Commissioner, District 1 position. Jim and his wife, Darla, are native Idahoans and have resided in Washington County for 55 years.
 Running for County Commissioner wasn’t something Jim had given a lot of thought to until he was approached by several concerned citizens asking him if he would consider running.
 “Given the atmosphere in our government,” Jim said, he made the decision to run. “I have always felt that you can’t sit around and complain about something if you aren’t willing to be part of the solution. I am semi-retired and now have time to devote to the position of County Commissioner. 
 “Darla and I attended school in the Weiser school system and raised our four children here in Weiser. Two of our kids chose to make Weiser their home and are raising their families here. We have a vested interest in making Washington County a safe and enjoyable place to live.” 
 Jim has experience with agriculture, construction, and water management, and is currently the deputy water master of District 67 of the State of Idaho and chairman of the advisory committee of said District. 
 “We raised cattle for more than 25 years and still own our family farm east of Weiser on Cove Road,” he said. “I am a past president of the Weiser River Cattleman’s Association. We have spent a lot of time through the years in the Upper Country with our kids’ participation in the 4-H and FFA programs at the county fair. I have also volunteered with the livestock sales at the fair,” stated Harberd.”
 Jim is aware of the many issues that come with growth and says he is ready to help guide the county moving forward. He said that there have been decisions made in past years that he doesn’t agree with and that he would like to help rectify. Firing the full-time building inspector is an example. 
 “That decision alone has cost the county taxpayers money that could have been used elsewhere,” he commented.  “I have done a lot of construction and realize how disruptive it is for builders to have to call in an inspector from out of town and then wait to get on their schedule,” he said.  “This action has cost the construction industry and homeowners time and money.”
 Jim said he recognizes that growth is inevitable. 
 “We are never going to make Washington County the way we remember it, but we can make sure that it remains a good place to live. I’m willing to listen and work towards finding solutions,” Jim said. “I want to represent everyone in the county. All our communities are affected by our agricultural prosperity. My lifelong background in these fields gives me a deep appreciation for the challenges faced by many residents. My roots run deep here, and I want to see Idaho and Washington County continue to be a place for all to be proud to call home.”
 While each candidate must reside in the district they represent, any registered Republican residing in the county can vote for one candidate in each district. Make your voice heard. Get out and vote.


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