There are two sides to every story

Guest opinion from Vice Chairman Ron Robbins and members of the WCRCC 
 As most people are aware there are usually two sides to every story and this is what I consider the other side of the story of the Washington County Republican Central Committee.There is a very large division in the Republican Party of the State of Idaho at this time and that division has taken hold in Washington County as well.
 Locally there is a power struggle between the Executive Committee (EC) and the Precinct Committee (PC) men and women. This struggle has caused a division in the PCs as well.
 Our bylaws recognize the EC as part of the WCRCC but do not address voting privileges for them. Historically, I have been told, the EC has not voted in the WCRCC meetings. The current chairman feels that they should be allowed to vote which has created a large division of the PC. There are 11 PCs and seven members on the EC in Washington County. It would take a minority of PCs voting in unison with the EC to give the EC control of decisions by the WCRCC. Shortly after the meeting in which this was discussed at length, the Central Committee received an email from Chairman Chandler stating if we did not agree to this, he would consider us as unaffiliated and remove us from our positions.
 Our bylaws (Article 1 Section 4b) give the authority to the EC to make decisions as to the policy of the WCRCC between meetings. Such action shall be valid and binding unless revoked at by a majority of members at the next regular meeting at which a quorum is present. Chairman Chandler’s decision to cancel our remaining two meetings would give the EC the power to try and effect the outcome of the Primary Election, by endorsing candidates. 
 Article 5 Section 1 of our bylaws state that we will determine the political affiliation of candidates filing or declaring intent to file as Republican candidates for Washington County political offices. It also states that the WCRCC may endorse Republican Candidates for their respective offices after they have won the Primary Election. I feel this bylaw is not being followed.
 As I have stated there are 11 PCs on the WCRCC. Only seven were able to attend the special meeting at the Snake River Heritage Center when the candidates spoke.
 This did create a quorum for the meeting, but by voting on candidates, it left four members out of any discussion. Article 5 Section 2a of our bylaws, States that 2/3 vote from the committeemen and committeewomen is needed for all endorsements. This was not followed since the vote was 4 to 3 and that is not a 2/3 vote of approval.
 As PC for West Weiser Precinct, I feel my commitment is to the Republicans of that precinct. I have stated that I will not serve at the pleasure of the EC. The EC is elected by the PC Committee members and should serve at their pleasure not the other way around. If the Republicans of West Weiser Precinct would like to have someone else as the representative, I am certainly open to that. 
 I refuse to enter the swamp of social media, but am aware that Dorothy
Moon’s letter, declaring our April meeting did not meet the requirement of a quorum has found its way there. There was a grievance filed with State Party and it is Chairman Moon’s duty to investigate such a grievance. However she did not choose to call me, the vice chairman, to make any inquiries as to what other events have taken place.
 Our bylaws certainly must be addressed and hardened, after the Primary Election, when new terms will start for the PCs that are elected. There was an attempt during this term that failed due to the chairman wanting to disband the committee he had formed to address them.
 It is my wish and prayer that this Primary Election be a fair and free election. Please everyone do your due diligence to become educated about the candidates. 
 Good Luck to ALL Republican Candidates on May 21st. 
Ron Robbins
WCRCC Vice Chairman


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