Term limits?

Dear Editor,
 Last night while listening to KBOI, 93.1, the commentator called our U.S. white house crew “blithering idiots.” Now the actions and words emanating from that famous building seem more like a dictatorship than a Ship-of-State created “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”   
 However, Mr. Editor, if we seriously consider the circumstances, the current POTUS is simply acting out the Congressional instructions that have been delegated to the administrative state which is, as you know, composed of, perhaps thousands, of regulative agencies, sub agencies, associate agencies, advisory agencies, etc., etc. 
 Each agency has Congressional authority to write, adjudicate, and execute their own rules, regulations, and orders. From whom did they acquire that power? Article I, sections 8 and 9 paint the traffic lane our Congress must operate from within. So congress could not legally delegate that power.
 Criminal transgression and the word “usurp” comes to mind, as well as the article VI, clause 2, where We The People (WTP) declare our Constitution to be the Supreme Law of the Land.
 In my humble opinion, the words “blithering idiots” are appropriate, but I ascribe them to the 535 or so criminals, masquerading as congressional representatives of WTP.
 We The People have the Constitutional power to force our Congress to eliminate the bureaucratic administrative state, simply by limiting every member of Congress to a single term, be it two years or six years. The Constitution specifies the procedure in Article I, sections 2 and 3; it is the supreme law of the land!
Ralph Wilson, 


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