Take precautions during this cold snap and leave a trickle of water running

It is a little hard for me to believe that next week is Thanksgiving! If time flies when you are having fun, I must be having the time of my life!
 Seriously, Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. It is a favorite, not because of the food, or the football games. Instead, it is a chance to be with family and to reflect on the people and situations in our lives for which we need to express gratitude. So, I would like to share with you some of the things I am thankful for:
 I am thankful for this community of caring, sharing, and supportive people.
 I am thankful for the ways people have in bringing out the best in each other.
 I am thankful for the privilege to work with the people of Weiser and the City employees to make this a great place to live, work, and play.
 I am thankful and grateful for the privilege to serve as your mayor.
 Thank You!
 On another subject, a few weeks ago I mentioned that the City would be eligible for a grant from the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation of up to $20,000 to use for a community health project. After asking for advice from you and from Hilary Kile and Oscar Padilla, the Community Health workers from the hospital, I will be recommending to the City Council to have bicycle racks installed downtown, and in Memorial Park, a walking/biking path and possibly other amenities such as outdoor ping-pong, corn-hole, a “Futsol” soccer court, etc. built into the park. 
 At this point, we will be working to use the majority of the $20,000 as seed money to qualify for other grants to get the greatest bang for the buck. So, I am talking to the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department about funds they may have available. Also, Hilary and Oscar from the hospital are looking into other sources. There is a considerable amount of work left to be done to complete this plan. 
 To line up all the funds necessary we may be well into next year or beyond before anything is done in the park. However, the first step has been completed. Acceptance of the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation grant was signed this morning.
 Moving on, the morning temperatures turned from fall to winter more quickly than usual this year! As of this writing we are supposed to see single digit temps this coming weekend, with the rest of the week’s lows in the teens. 
 That being said, it is a good idea to leave a little water trickling to keep water lines from freezing up. With no snow on the ground to insulate, your underground pipes are at risk with the cold. A little water will be wasted, but the trickle is much less expensive than broken water pipes. So, please do yourself a favor and leave a little water on at night.
 In City business this week. The City offices will be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving. Therefore, there will not be a garbage pickup on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24 and 25. Instead, the entire City will have trash picked up on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 21 and 22 and again the following Monday and Tuesday. So, if you normally get your trash picked up on Thursday and Friday, please get your trash cans out on Monday and Tuesday in order to not have an overflowing container after the long Thanksgiving weekend. (Always good to end a week’s article with a nice pleasant mental image.)
 Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you have a great time preparing for Thanksgiving next week!


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