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Weiser HIgh School’s Associated Student Body discovered the recent Valentine’s Dance held in February had resulted in more funds earned than they had anticipated. The students came to a decision to donate funds to the Snake River Heritage Center and the Weiser Activity Center for Seniors ‘Evelyn Stover Challenge’ to pay down the mortgage on the Center’s building. Stover was a 1945 WHS graduate. On Thursday afternoon, March 7, 2023-24 WHS ASB officers Kiana Olvera, Jayden Walker, and Edith Delgadillo delivered $500 to SRHC historian Dottie Emert, a 1952 WHS graduate. The three then delivered a second $500 check to Weiser Seniors President Karin Hoffer, WHS 1966, and Director Stacey Martinsen. Photos by Nancy Grindstaff
Nancy Grindstaff
It’s common knowledge that the Weiser community will go to endless lengths to support the Wolverines, along with an equally endless variety of youth activities outside of the schools. But late last week, Weiser High School’s ASB officers, Kiana Olvera, Jayden Walker, and Edith Delgadillo turned the tables, giving a big “back at ya” donation of $500 each to the Snake River Heritage Center and the Weiser Activity Center for Seniors.
 ASB President Olvera said the money came from funds raised beyond what the students had expected from a Valentine’s Dance on Feb. 16. The dance was held in the third floor ballroom of Hooker Hall, the home of the Snake River Heritage Center, also known as the “Weiser museum.”
 “We met with Mr. Dickerson and talked about wanting to donate some of it to something in the community,” Olvera said. “We decided on the museum and the Senior Center.”
 Delgadillo said Weiser students interact with the Snake River Heritage Center throughout their school years, from taking tours of the facility and a walking downtown tour of historic buildings when they are in Pioneer School and having the museum and its volunteers available to answer questions about local history for assignments as they go through school.
 “We just recently learned about the Senior Center’s drive to pay off their mortgage, and we wanted to help out with it,” she said.
 Watching the hand off of the ASB funds brought a sense of the “tie that binds” in being or ever having been a Wolverine.
 The three students delivered the museum’s donation to SRHC board member Dottie Emert Thursday afternoon. Emert, a 1952 Weiser High School graduate, and former teacher and coach in the Weiser School District, was appreciative of the gift.
 “This donation is very needed and very appreciated,” Emert told the students.
 At the Weiser Activity Center for Seniors, Board President Karin Hoffer, a 1966 WHS graduate, was surprised with the generous gift to the Evelyn Stover Challenge. Stover graduated from WHS in 1945.
 “I am overwhelmed and appreciate so much that high school kids actually think about seniors,” Hoffer told the Signal American. “We like interaction with high school kids. And, the Older Americans Act encourages us to interact with students and young people. We like the younger generation. Sometimes they learn something from us and we most definitely learn something from them.”


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