Run, jump and throw for fun

Joyce Taylor
Have we finally made it to spring? The weather has definitely hit the 90’s which means it’s time for the Washington County track program to start. 
 This is an annual event sponsored by the Weiser Recreation Department. The program teaches the fundamentals in running and jumping and participants usually have a ton of fun while learning. Of course, there are some restrictions. Athletes from walking age to the sixth grade are encouraged to participate.  
 What exactly does this camp entail? Athletes participate in warm ups, learning how to properly stretch and some form of running drills. Then, they scatter like the wind to various event areas to learn how to stand and jump into a sand pit, run and jump into the same sand pit, learn how to throw a softball striving for accuracy and of course running, and running and running. 
 There are various events planned each day where these future super stars can hone their skills in the art of track and field. Whether or not they pursue that career as they grow, the skills learned help in all areas of life. And speaking of that, three seniors, Brayden Walker, Mattie Shirts and Kate Davies were all participants in this program growing up. All three just finished competing in the Idaho State Track and Field Championships this past weekend. 
 Walker is a two time State Champion. Shirts and Davies each have a State Championship title as well. On top of that, the ladies won the overall team title and Walker is part of the Academic State 3A Champions.
 Mark the week of May 29 through June 2 on your calendar. Practices are in the latter part of the day at the Weiser High School track with Saturday, June 3 being the day of the big track meet. Check with the recreation department for details and to sign up. There is no limit on how many events your athlete can participate in. See you there!


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