Dear Editor:
 On May 16, the nine Planning and Zoning board members met to decide on whether to rezone 32 acres at the base of Midvale hill from agriculture to commercial. They UNANIMOUSLY voted NO. Unfortunately, this is only a recommendation. 
 On June 5, it will go to three county commissioners to make the final decision. That decision will profoundly affect landowners, neighbors, and the entire community – with a significant impact on property values, the character of neighborhoods, and even the future quality of community life.
 Developers propose a truck stop, with C-store, motel, and RV park. Chances are you have not even heard about this. Maybe you heard only about the truck stop. That is because the rest will come along in “phases.” Easier to slip it under the radar if it just sounds like a place to get some fuel and beer. 
 If commercialized, it will ALL come! This area is backed up against the homes along Sage Creek Road. Families with young children live there.  
 What will come with this so-called progress? Yep, that trip to get fuel will get shorter when you let the tank get too low. Unfortunately, it will also come with an increase in traffic congestion. With traffic slowing right at the very bottom of Midvale Hill, you can bet there will be some major slowdowns and accidents on Highway 95, no matter what they plan for roadway access.  
 The noise pollution with all that traffic, and idling diesel truck engines, will make quiet evenings in the valley a memory. The light pollution will be a large detriment to the nightscape. Crime will come with this flow of travelers. There is no full-time police presence in this area – nor do the residents desire one.
 Living in Midvale has never been convenient, and we like it that way! Once turned into pavement, it will be gone FOREVER. The question is, will the county just see the potential dollar signs for their coffers, or think of our future first?
 Please call your commissioner.  
Andrew Mikek


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