Please respect/take pride in the amenities the city provides

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Sand. Amazing piles of sand. The tallest (470’) sand dune in North America. This is what you will find about 20 miles south of Mountain Home at Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park where three large sand dunes sit in a basin around a couple of small lakes. 
 This last weekend we went on our first family camping trip of the season to Bruneau of all places. Despite the rain clouds, the weather co-operated with the rain coming down at night. The grandsons brought their sledding disks. They would go about 25 yards before the sand would pull the disk out from under them. It was great to watch. 
 The first day I tried climbing the smaller dune, but the 1-step forward, ¾-step back wore this guy out pretty quickly. The next morning, after the rain, the sand was firmer, and I was able to reach the top by going up the dune’s spine. Also, the boy’s sledding improved with the harder sand. They were able to go completely down the dune if they were skillful. 
 What took even more skill was keeping their mouths closed so they wouldn’t be full of sand. 
 The trip was a great way to start the camping season. Everybody left tired, but happy.
 When we arrived home, I took our trailer to Weiser’s RV dump at the corner of W. Idaho and W. Ninth Street. When I got down to hook up my drain hoses, I noticed bits of toilet paper and then poop on the concrete, not just on one side, but on both sides of the drain. It was obvious that some RVers were emptying their units directly onto the concrete into the water drain rather than using drain hoses to put the waste down the sewer line. And I had to get down close and personal to attach my lines. 
 I would like to think that this behavior was from non-Weiser residents. I would like to think that Weiser residents are classier and more respectful of other residents. Please show a healthy respect for others by not dumping sewage directly onto the ground at the RV dump station.
 In city news this week, Bill Taylor of the Water Department would like me to remind you that if you have a sprinkler system, your system will need to be back-flow tested by June 1. 
 The back-flow testing ensures that water that has entered your system, where it can become contaminated, does not flow back into the city water system. Not having your system tested can result in having your water shut off until the test takes place. 
 If you need the names of those who provide this service, please call City Hall at 208-414-1965 and our clerks will be glad to help you. 
 This next announcement is for all of you fishermen and walkers who use the Weiser Community Pond for your activities. The annual pond clean-up will take place on Friday, June 2 from about 9 a.m. to noon. The clean-up is a time to cut weeds, trim trees, and generally spruce up the pond to make it enjoyable for all, especially the younger folks. Lunch will be provided. Bring your tools and equipment. If you don’t have any, the city will be happy to provide. This is a great way to show your appreciation of this unique and wonderful Weiser park.
 Also, the city crews have completed the alley clean-up for the spring. The next clean-up will be this fall. If you need yard waste, or other material hauled to the dump before fall, the city has the free Adopt-a-Truck program. Just come down to City Hall where you can sign up to have a city employee park a dump truck at your residence overnight or over the weekend. The following morning, the truck will be driven to the dump for you. 
 Well, that’s it for this week. Hopefully, the weather straightens out so we can all get to enjoy the outdoors more. Have a great week!


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