Local music artist wins the Josie Music Award

Cambridge resident and local music talent Dave Nudo recently earned the honor of winning a Josie Music Award for the song “Like You Were Forbidden” a duet he wrote with fellow Idaho musician Dusty Leigh.
 Nudo and Leigh were nominated amongst 30,000 other song submissions to the Josie Music Awards. The pair won amongst 20 other nominees in the category of Best Musical Collaboration of the year.
 “Writing and performing a song that was nominated for an award is an amazing feeling and quite an accomplishment! Being acknowledged at all in that large of a group is pretty miraculous to me,” Nudo said.
 Nudo said that being at the event and winning was a very surreal experience. He and Dusty Leigh kept each other from falling on the way down the aisle. Thankfully what to say and who to thank came naturally because Nudo said it was like an out of body experience and he was fully on autopilot.
 Nudo describes his music he writes for his band as “northern country rock.” His songs are about living, loving, losing, winning and just focusing on words from the heart that we can all relate to. He would say it’s country music with a southern rock feel, but since he has lived his entire life in the northwest, he felt the label of #NorthernCountryRock was more fitting to describe his style and the feel of his music.
 Over the years Nudo has been in a few bands and he’s written songs for all of them. Through all the heartaches of disbanding and watching all the hard work turn to dust, he came to a conclusion that  it is not worth it to put all that time and effort into something that can be so easily destroyed because of an ego trip or a bad attitude.
 He began writing and featuring songs that focused on him alone with his acoustic guitar. He added a few covers to his set, and he found he was making some money from his songs and performances.
 A few friends started joining him on stage and together they produced the album of his original songs called “County Line,” and the “Dave Nudo Band” was born.
 “Now the band can’t break up unless I split in half!” Nudo said.
 Right now, Nudo has a great group of musicians playing with him on stage that he is hoping will stay with him until the end: Sam Rothwell, Jeff Webb, Mitch “Chrome Red” Williams and Greg Breidinger.
 In addition to songs from “County Line,” the group plays a few songs Nudo wrote and recorded in Nashville, Tenn., with industry pros who have played on many country radio hits including several of Luke Combs songs and many others.
 Getting opportunities like that peaked the interest of more people, and Nudo got to open for a touring band “Cashed Out” where he shared a bill with and met his (now) good friend Dusty Leigh. Since then, Dusty and Nudo have collaborated on a few songs including the award winning “Like You Were Forbidden.”
 As a result of the collaboration, both Nudo and Leigh were signed (independent from each other) to an Indie label called Emanant Music Group.
 The inspiration for “Like You Were Forbidden”  came pretty naturally. Nudo woke up with a line and a melody stuck in his head so he grabbed a cup of coffee and put pen to paper. Half an hour later he had the meat and potatoes written.
 Later that day, Nudo finished the song and sent a recording of it to show his friends Dusty Leigh and Wade Huston. His wife Tara suggested that he ask Leigh to sing it with him as a duet and then about a half hour later, Huston also suggested it should be a duet with Leigh.
 Two of Nudo’s other more successful songs have been “At My Grandpa’s Table” because it resonates well with every audience. And “Lean Into Me” a song about having someone to hold onto through the good times and the bad times is currently getting really good traction on Indie radio stations.  
 Nudo plays local events as often as he can. He performs often at Indiancreek Steakhouse and his next performance with Dusty Leigh is set for Sept. 19 at Double Diamond Saloon. You can also follow the Dave Nudo Band on Facebook and Instagram and add his music on Spotify.


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