Informal veterans group encourages walking in Fourth of July parade

Dear Editor:
 Hey there, Washington County military veterans (all services).
 We had a great meeting Tuesday night (May 28) at Veterans Hall (Weiser Little Theater). We meet the fourth Tuesday of every month.
 To describe who we are: we are fulfilling our duty to watch each other’s back – no soldier left behind. We are not formal, but a resource of knowledge and support. Come join us!
 Think about walking in the July 4 Parade, no uniform required. You served, Weiser wants to honor you.
 Veterans, you are a special element in Weiser. You see an American flag and walk a little taller. You see a police officer, wave or say “hi!” because you know a little about serving. (City services, also.)
 Salute, friend.
Ron Handel, 
Army Retired
Weiser, Idaho


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