Extremely sad concerning our political state

Dear Editor:
 “The good sense of the people will always be found to be the best army; they may be led astray for a moment, but will soon correct themselves,” Thomas Jefferson (TJ)
 After studying my Republican primary sample ballot, I was extremely sad concerning our political ship of state. It is so discouraging to think our fellow state citizen legislators would sell “We The People” (WTP) out of business, that is to say usurping our constitutional power to regulate the Congress per the congressional term limit sections 2 and 3 in article I.
 Scriptural verse and words of our forefathers calmed my ruffled feathers and revived my faith in our Triune GOD as well as our U.S. citizens and Declaration of Independence together with our Constitution as written and amended; and especially free of any wokeism rot.
 The primary sample ballot brings to mind a couple of local incidents: 
 We have a mayor that was elected without a single vote cast.
 We have a school board elected by some 9 or 10 different groups of citizens, even though each member serves the entire school district.
 We have political candidates and judges listed as if un-opposed, whether true or not, WTP cannot know. The political theme throughout is “divide and conquer.” This is what our legislators have done to WTP of Idaho while professing constitutional law.
 Our Idaho Legislators have not yet eliminated the abstinence vote and that is about the extent of power they have left with us so far. WTP may not fill in the little oval next to the name of a candidate that seems to be unopposed. If the bureaucrat’s rule that as a reason to disqualify our ballot WTP are truly political impotent according to Idaho State, however we still are the sovereign administrators per our Constitution, which is the supreme Law of the Land, article VI.
 Lord God Almighty have mercy.
Ralph Wilson, 
Weiser, Idaho 


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