Elfis, season two

Park School’s fifth graders performed this season’s Christmas program titled “Elfis and the Sleigh Riders” on Dec. 15. 
 We catch up with Elfis at the North Pole where he is now a beloved member of Santa’s North Pole crew, and the story begins with all the elves and reindeer chanting his name. 
 When Elfis, played by Brody Halvorson who retained the role from 2021, comes on stage he leads the class in the song “Uh-Huh.” 
 Santa, Taven Haun, has a surprise for Elfis this year, a band including a bass player, a guitarist, a piano player, a drummer, as well as backup singers.
 The newly formed band debates over what their name should be. A few suggestions are made, such as “The Reindeer Wranglers” and “The Smashing Icicles,” all are rejected until one elf steps forward and suggests “Elfis and the Sleigh Riders.” 
 Everyone cheers and the band leads everyone in the song “Everybody’s Goin’ on a Sleigh Ride.” 
 Tensions soon arise in Elfis’ new band when each of the backup singers think they should get a featured solo. 
 The band argues over who should get the solo with each member of the band supporting a different singer and refusing to play unless their chosen singer gets the solo. 
 With the band split up and no one happy, everyone sings “So Sad at Santa’s Pad.”
 Despite the best efforts of the elves, the reindeer and even Santa and Mrs. Claus, the band members are too angry to even talk to each other. They call on Elfis to help them remember the importance of friendship and communication with the song “Are You Lonely and Blue.”
 The band members realize how foolish they have been and make amends. 
 With the band back together, Elfis and the Sleigh Riders are back to rockin the North Pole once again. 
 The program ends with everyone rockin’ to “North Pole Rock and Roll.”  


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