Electrical department replacing old meters, please be courteous

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Wow, something really unusual happened this week.  Phil Janquart from the Weiser Signal American called and asked if I would have a short article. The political candidates are taking up a lot of room.  So… We’ll go straight to the essentials.  
 For those of you with sprinkler systems it is time to test for backflow. Your sprinkler system can contaminate the water system through its sprinkler heads. The backflow test makes sure that water that has gone into your sprinkler system is not able to flow back into the water main, keeping your drinking water nice and clean.
 On another note, the City purchased solid state electric meters a couple of years ago to replace old electromagnetic meters. Many of the older meters have not yet been replaced. Wayne Wallace, the electric department supervisor, has committed to having all meters replaced by Sept. 30 of this year.  
 I didn’t ever think I would need to say this in Weiser, but please be courteous to the electrical department employees when they make this upgrade. Lately, there have been instances of hostility towards these employees which tends to be very un-Weiser like. So, please don’t yell at employees, release the dogs, threaten with your gun, etc. The electric department employees will be wearing construction vests and a lanyard with a City identification card. The City does have legal access to the electrical service. So, please treat employees decently. 
 Also, Ken Anderson from the Weiser Recreation Department still needs a couple of lifeguards for the swimming pool this summer. If you or someone you know would like to spend the summer sitting in the sun, people watching, possibly saving a life, and getting paid all at the same time, do we have the job for YOU!  
 All applications must be submitted by Friday, May 3. If you would like this, please call the Recreation Dept. immediately at 208-414-0301.  
 Lastly, the irrigation districts are charging the water lines in town.  Please check to make sure that all faucets are turned off. Unattended faucets can cause flooding not only in yards, but also in basements and alleys.
 Well, that’s it for this week. I hope this was short enough Phil. Have a great week!


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