Donations needed for Weiser community fireworks fund

Pyro Technician Bill Taylor and his crew put together this fireworks float for the Fiddle Parade held Saturday. Funds are still need to replenish the Weiser Community Fireworks fund, which funds both the 4th of July and Christmas. Photo by Keith Boles
Philip A. Janquart
Donations are still needed for the Weiser community fireworks fund, which covers the cost to shoot off fireworks on the Fourth of July and at the holiday parade fireworks show, held the first part of November.
 Fireworks display Pyro Technician Bill Taylor, who serves as the city’s water department supervisor, is currently in search of sponsors to help fund the shows.
 “They are funded by the community, for the community, and facilitated by the City of Weiser,” he said.
 To help with the cause, firefighters from the Weiser Fire District participated in the annual Fiddle Parade held Saturday, June 22 the last day of the National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest and Festival. Firefighters walked on foot along the parade route to accept the community’s generous donations. Taylor and his crew also put together a fireworks float that displayed what the fireworks used look like.
 “We definitely need donations, and that amount is to cover the exact same shots as last year,” he said. “The show, at least the number of shots, will be the same.”
 Last year, spectators enjoyed over 500 shots in about a 15-minute span, lighting up the skies above Weiser, which can be seen for miles. 
 The Fourth of July show will be at the usual location on the southeast corner of Indianhead Road and State Street. It will begin around 10:15 p.m., depending on when the sun goes down.
 The Christmas fireworks show is a bit smaller than the Fourth of July show, but not by much, according to Taylor who said that he is currently working with the Weiser Elks Lodge to schedule the annual fireworks breakfast, which is a fundraiser for both shows. 
 Information about the breakfast will be provided once organizers nail down an exact date and time, though Taylor said it will definitely be after the Fourth of July.
 The cost of fireworks increases every year, according to Taylor who said he has served as the main organizer for 25 years.
 “Due to the ever-increasing cost of the product, the size and duration of our shows are steadily decreasing,” he said. “However, the more money that is raised, the more shells we can purchase, and the bigger and better our shows are. All major donors are encouraged to advertise their sponsorship at all our show locations.”
 Last year’s budget was $12,000, with the cost jumping another $1,800 this year, for a total of $13,800. There are donation jars at various locations throughout the city, giving members of the public the opportunity to drop in a few bucks toward the cause. It’s close to the 4th, but there is still time to donate.
 They can be found at restaurants, convenience stores, and various shops. There is also a donation jar located atop the customer counter at Weiser City Hall.
 Taylor said that those wishing to donate by check should make them out to the City of Weiser, noting the “Weiser Community Fireworks Fund.”
 “Yes, they need to make the check out to the city, but the city turns around and pays us the money; we get the money and put it in the fund,” he noted.
 Checks can be dropped off at the city or mailed to 55 W. Idaho St., Weiser, ID 83672.
 Taylor said that money collected this year actually goes toward the 2025 Fourth of July and Christmas shows. Funds need to be collected about a year in advance to make sure they have the money and enough time to order the fireworks and have them shipped.
 Costs will undoubtedly go up again next year, but Taylor keeps reserves to help cover the bill, carrying the previous year’s funds over.
 “The more we make, the more we can put toward next year,” he said.
For more information, contact Bill Taylor at (208) 550-0353.



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