Comprehensive Plan draft is available on the City of Weiser’s website

I hope that everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving! Cathy and I spent the day in Boise at our daughter’s in-laws. The highlight, besides the great dinner, was putting together a 100-piece elephant puzzle with the grandsons. At the end two pieces were missing from this brand-new puzzle! The oldest grandson was hiding them in his hand as a joke. Just don’t know about kids these days!
 Last week I mentioned that the City’s Comprehensive Plan draft would be posted on the City’s website. Well, it is now posted. To review the draft simply go to the website at In the menu bar at the top look for documents and links. The City of Weiser Comprehensive Plan Draft should be the first document in the drop-down list. 
 If, after reviewing the draft, you have questions or comments, you can go back to the home page on the website. Under the top banner there is another banner titled “We’re looking for your input” and a link to a survey. 
 We want to hear from you. As mentioned last week, the more input we have from you, the better the plan is for the entire community. So, please take the time to review the document and, if appropriate, let us know what you think!
 In City business this week, it has come to my attention that there is concern with the reminder process when a person’s utility bill has not been paid. 
 About four years ago, when I was on the City Council, the policy was adopted to send the bill without a follow-up reminder. If the bill was not paid on time, the utilities would be discontinued until paid. 
 There was concern with this policy because sometimes people would simply forget or there could be other circumstances.  
 When Covid came along, the City discontinued shutting off utilities for quite a while since many people were unable to work. Fortunately, for these people there were funds available through WICAP and the City began to notify people when they were late and if need be, refer them to WICAP for help. 
 The City has resumed shutting off utilities when the bill has not been paid. The difference is that we have continued to reach out to remind people by telephone prior to shutting off the utilities several days before the due date. 
 However, if we do not have a person’s current telephone number on hand, we are unable to reach you on the correct line. So, if you have changed your telephone number at any time in the last few years, now may be a good time to notify City Hall of the change.   
 Also, Ron McDaniel in the street department has a request for those who are raking their leaves into the street. As you know, the City will come around and vacuum up your leaves if they are raked into the street and onto the pavement. 
 However, he would like to request that once the leaves have been raked, please do not park over the top of the pile. The City does not have the equivalent of a household vacuum attachment which can reach under chairs. Also, tipping cars up to get under them is not allowed by the City’s insurance under neither the liability nor the workmen’s compensation policy. So, please park elsewhere if you would like the leaves picked up after you have worked so hard to rake them. 
 The Weiser Public Library will be hosting a discussion facilitated by the University of Idaho to talk about Community Health in Weiser. The discussions will be centered around the elements of community health and their impact on mental health. The first, in a series of six, will discuss various aspects of mental health in and around Weiser. After the final session there will be a small amount of funds available through the University of Idaho to help with a project or projects. 
 The first of these discussions will be held Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m. If this subject is of interest to you, please plan to attend on Tuesday. To learn more, please contact Talje by email at or call 208-885-2066.
 Well, that’s it for this week! Hope you enjoy the Christmas parade on Friday!


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