Community will have say in new developments slated for south Weiser

Mayor Randy Hibberd
I think I must be spending too much time at the office. 
 A couple of weeks ago, I came home on a Thursday evening and Cathy wasn’t there. I didn’t think too much about it. She is often off doing something on her own.
 When Cathy did get home, she had brought back a new family member – a little white terrier. This is the first time we have had a pet that is just ours, or I should say just Cathy’s. All our other pets have been the ones our kids left behind when they moved away.  
 I’m not sure if Cathy is trying to send me a signal. But I need to make sure that this little creature doesn’t replace me. Guess I need to pay more attention to home.
 As we inch our way into Spring, the city’s attention is beginning to be focused on projects for the coming year. So, you may be wondering about a few of the things we are working on. 
 There is actually a lot going on.
 You may already know that the City Council will be voting on two new annexations on the south side of the Weiser River Bridge. The west side of the highway next to the bridge would have a new Maverik while the east side would be a seasonal RV park. 
 Since these properties are the “gateway” to Weiser, an advisory committee is being put together to work with the developers to get the community’s input into the aesthetics of these properties.
 Also, Mike Campbell, the public works director and I are working on funding for electric vehicle quick chargers to be placed on the East First Street side of Times Square Park. At the moment, there are three grant opportunities. Mike and I are going through a “Boot Camp” program on applying for the Federal infrastructure grants to prepare for submitting our request.
 Highway 95 is considered a main corridor in need of more chargers if we are to move away from fossil fuels. The Times Square site was chosen to bring travelers downtown to enjoy Weiser’s shops and services while they wait for their cars to charge. Placing the chargers downtown could be a win-win for both travelers and our downtown businesses.
 Funding is also being sought to improve Memorial Park.  
 Last year, I had the opportunity to visit with the student body and class leaders of the high school. Two of their concerns were the safety of walking or running between the high school and Memorial Park, and activities for students, particularly in the summer.  
 In response, the city was able to get funding for a sidewalk to take care of the first concern. As for the second, we are working on a grant to improve Memorial Park with a walking track and possibly outdoor ping pong, cornhole, a small soccer area, and an outdoor inflatable movie screen for Friday night movies. I will keep you posted on this project.
 In city news this week, Pat Malay with the street department would like you to know that they will be out with the leaf vacuum until the end of next week. Then the vacuum will be taken out of service until fall. So, if you still have leaves, please get them to the curb – SOON!  
 The alley clean-up is ongoing. If your yard debris from last year has not been collected, please be patient. The crews will be by.
 Pat would also like you to know that the restrooms in the parks are now open for the season.  
 Last, but not least, Mike Shepherd in the water department would like to remind those who have automatic sprinklers to get their backflow system tested when you turn them on for the season.
 Well, that’s it for this week. I had better get home now so I don’t become number two in Cathy’s mind. Have a great week!


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