Commissioners approve rezone of Midvale parcel

Philip A. Janquart
County Commissioners on Monday unanimously approved a request by Steel National on behalf of Fairchild Farms, LLC to rezone a 30-acre parcel south of Midvale from A-1 agriculture to C-2 commercial.
 Commissioners approved the request reserving the right to make minor changes to the accompanying development agreement through negotiation with the developer.
 The development agreement addresses safety concerns associated with Steel National’s proposed multi-phased development that includes a convenience store and gas station, tire shop, storage units, and RV parking, all located off Highway 95, at the bottom of Midvale Hill.
 Among the concerns expressed by residents and planning and zoning was traffic entering and exiting the development from highway 95. A traffic study will be conducted to address turning lanes. Also of concern was fog and well water availability among others. Look for more information about the development in a future issue of the Signal American.


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