City to work on alleys as soon as they dry out

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Well, the kitchen remodeling project started last week, so our house is full of boxes from the kitchen and back porch until the project is completed. 
 While we are at it, we are also replacing a broken-up backyard sidewalk and the front steps as well. So, havoc is being created both inside and out. 
 In addition, Cathy agreed to have the grandsons spend the night on the first day of de-construction. Needless to say, with four workers inside and outside of the house as well as two grandkids, the house resembled (mostly) controlled chaos. 
 In spite of all that was going on, it was great to have the grandkids at the house. The oldest one took an interest in a set of stilts Cathy had from her childhood. He is now engaged in trying to master the art of walking tall. The younger one found a few canvases Cathy had painted on and wanted to work his own magic to see what he could do. 
 It is sure interesting and amazing how their own personal interests grow and develop as each of the boys grow and develop. They are brothers who play well together, but have completely different interests, talents, and personalities. 
 Now on to City business and happenings.
 The Weiser Public Library will be hosting a movie video this Friday at 11 a.m. The movie will be a recently released animation comedy film called “Migration.” No, this is not about crossing a certain border to the south of us. Instead, it is about a family of ducks that decide to leave their safe and secure pond to find out why other ducks leave their ponds. So, on Friday head-on over to the library for popcorn and a movie with your friends! Who knows, you might even have fun!
 Also, I wanted to remind you that Ken Anderson in the Recreation Department is still looking for lifeguards. In order to staff the swimming pool each year it takes about 12 lifeguards to make it work. This is a great summer job for high school and even college students. Where else can you sit in the sun, people watch, and get paid – all at the same time! So, if you, or someone you know, might be interested, just stop by the Vendome, or call 208-414-0301 to talk to Ken Anderson or Jhonna Eldridge to get your questions answered or to sign up!
 The City office is starting to hear concerns regarding the condition of alleyways. Just to be clear, alleys were never intended to be used for driveways and personal use. Instead, alleys were designed and intended to be used for utility access and garbage collection. 
 That being said, the City acknowledges that alleys get used for many purposes. And therefore, the City makes it a practice to come through each spring to level out the alleys and fill in the holes. The street department is waiting for the weather to turn so the alleys have a chance to dry before any work is done. Otherwise, I am told that to do so before they are dry is a waste of effort. The ground will be too soft to stay smooth for even a short time. So, please be patient. We are just waiting for Mother Nature to get past her current crying spell. 
 Well, that’s it for now! I hope you have a great week! And Weiser really is a great place to live, work, and play!


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