City street crew is working on filling in the potholes around town

Whew! Am I tired today! Cathy has been up at Upper Payette Lake with one of the daughters and her boys. I have been going up on weekends. Yesterday, we decided to go on a “4-mile” round-trip hike into Duck Lake past Brundage. 
 Since I will be going on an overnight backpacking trip in the Sawtooths a few weeks from now, I wore my fully loaded backpack for training. The daughter informed us after we got to Duck Lake, that the trip was actually 7-miles round trip. So…after a 7-mile afternoon trip with a 30 pound pack, I am beat today. But, was it worth it! 
 As with so much of Idaho, the scenery was gorgeous and well worth the work and effort to see and experience!
 In other matters, Donna Wiggins and I were talking the other day. She informed me about a tree on the right- hand side of the lower-level entrance to the Washington County Courthouse that might be of interest to you. This tree was planted by the local Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (B.P.O.E. or Elks.) The tree along with an appropriate marker placed at its base was dedicated to the men and women who served in the first Gulf War. 
 You might want to take a look at it the next time you go to the Courthouse. Also, thank you to the Elks for memorializing the dedication and sacrifice of those who served. Also, thanks Donna! For bringing this to my attention. 
 In City news this week, Ken Anderson, our Weiser Recreation Department manager, has informed me that the swimming pool will be closing for the year on Aug. 15. Many of our lifeguards are college students or college bound and Aug. 15 is the last day that there will be enough lifeguards to adequately provide for safety at the pool. So, take advantage of the nice cool pool while you can!
 Also, after a request from the Rolling Hills Golf Course, the City is upgrading the City’s water pump shed that sits to the west of the clubhouse. The exterior will be upgraded to tie into the look of the golf course and help in the overall efforts of Rolling Hills to improve the appearance of the golf course.
 Speaking of maintaining and upgrading, the street department is busily filling in potholes right now. The street crew was prevented from doing so earlier by our asphalt truck. As you may know, in order to lay down asphalt, it has to be heated within a certain temperature range. The City has a truck and bed designed to hold asphalt and keep it heated. However, the heating unit has not wanted to cooperate this year. 
 In addition, the asphalt plants have not been working full time, so it is hit and miss as to when asphalt was available. We now have the heating unit fixed and have asphalt so we are up and running.
 Speaking of up and running, I would like to call attention to Mathew Johnson, the City’s mechanic. As you may have noticed, the City does not exactly have the newest most up-to-date equipment to work with (including the asphalt truck.) New commercial equipment is very expensive and often outside of the City’s means. So, to keep the City going, we rely on Mathew to keep us in business. 
 As one who is not very mechanically inclined, I am always amazed at Matt’s ability to not only maintain the equipment, but to be able to take any truck or piece of equipment, diagnose the problem, and get it going again. 
 When you stop to think of all of the vehicles the City owns as well as all of the equipment from road graders and garbage trucks to lawnmowers, you can begin to understand the range of knowledge required to be the City’s mechanic. My hat is off to you Mathew! You have a steady stream of equipment to work on all of the time, as well as juggling in the emergency breakdowns. Thank you for all that you do!
 Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you are able to get out and enjoy this great state of ours. Just don’t let someone tell you that a 7-mile hike is just 4!


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