City to flush fire hydrants on Tuesday, May 21

Philip A. Janquart
The City of Weiser is notifying residents that the water department will be flushing fire hydrants on Tuesday, May 21.
 The annual hydrant flushing program plays an important role in maintaining the city’s water system, flushing sediments from mainline pipes. It also enhances water quality, verifies the proper operation of fire hydrants and valves, helps find weaknesses in the system, checks for closed valves and weak flows in the water mains, and verifies ample flow for firefighting, officials said.
 During hydrant flushing, residents may notice a temporary drop in water pressure. 
 It is recommended to avoid washing laundry during this time. If residents notice discoloration in their water, it is recommended to let the water run from the tap until it is clear.


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