City crews still working hard even though you can’t see them

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Last Saturday, Cathy and I were invited to a 70th birthday party for an “old” friend. Joe and I have been friends since we were in our early 20s’, back in Parma where we were backdoor neighbors and went to church together.  
 We had a great time! The party had a fun mix of people there. Some were friends we also knew.  A few were school teachers who had had to put up with us back in the day. (Actually, they just put up with me. Cathy was a model student.)  There were also grandkids we were introduced to and happy to meet.   
 You know, back in our 20’s, someone who was 70 was OLD old. Now it doesn’t seem like it’s not that old at all. It’s funny how a person’s age changes their perspective.  
 In case you haven’t heard, Gov. Brad Little will be here in Weiser for “Capital for a Day” on Friday Jan. 27!  Gov. Little, along with several state officials, will be at the Vendome from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a break at noon for lunch.  
 The meeting will be a “town hall” style, with the public able to ask questions of the Governor and the officials. So, if you are able to, come on over to the Vendome to have your questions answered and find out what is going on at the state level.  
 In city business this week, if you still have your natural Christmas tree, please take it out to the curb and the city will cart it away for you at no charge.  
 The city crews are still out picking up leaves. This year, with the late fall, there are still trees that are dropping leaves. If you still have leaves in your yard and would like the city to take them away, please get them out onto the pavement as quickly as you can.   
 The city will continue to pick up leaves for about another week. I would like to remind everyone to not park or drive on the leaf piles. Parking on top makes it a little hard, like impossible, to pick up. Driving across them in the wet weather turns them into a pulp, which cannot be picked up.
 After the leaves are collected, the city crews will be returning to the alleys to pick up yard waste. Please keep grass clippings separate from brush and garden waste as they go to separate areas at the county transfer site.  
 Right now, if you are driving around town, it doesn’t look like much is going on with the city other than the leaf and alley clean-up. However, if you were able to look behind closed doors, the crews are just as busy as they are in the summer. It’s just all going on inside.  
 The water department uses this time to go completely through the plant to do maintenance and do a close inspection on all of the pumps.
 The mechanic is going through each of the vehicles and each piece of equipment, checking connections, doing maintenance and, in general, making sure it is up to snuff for another year’s hard workout.
 The same is going on with the wastewater and electrical departments. The systems are gone through to ensure all of the mechanisms will work smoothly on their own when the warm weather is here and the crews can work on the outdoor projects.
 So, even though it looks like not much is going on, everyone is making sure they are ready for the weather turning warm. Then they will be back out cleaning streets, digging up roads, laying pipe, mowing lawns, filling in pot-holes, creating havoc, and whatever else needs to be taken care of.  
 So, be assured that your City workers are still earning their pay; it’s just that doors are hard to look through.  
 Well, that’s it for this week! Hope to see you at the Vendome on Friday!


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