City crews clear drain; Idaho power still working to restore power

Philip A. Janquart
Power still down in some areas
Weiser was slammed with about four inches of snow and high winds over night, with some area residents reporting an unverified eight to 10 inches of snow in the hills.
It's melting fast, however, with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-40s at noon.
City of Weiser Public Works Director Mike Campbell said crews have been clearing up clogged storm drains today so water does not continue to pool on the roads.
"We've got a guy running around, checking storm drains and when we get a call we've been sending guys out to go open them up," he said. "This morning we had a river running down State Street, but so far it's been minimal."
Campbell said the city had a snowplow running early this morning to open clear some of the slush piles.
"We had taken most of our winter stuff down except for the plow truck and the sand truck; we've been working for two weeks to sweep all the sand and the rocks off the street and then we get a storm come through, but it happens," he said.
Campbell said downed power lines have been the biggest problem today, crews from Idaho Power working on restoring electrical service to several areas.
"We had a pole break and drop a transformer and a couple main lines came down from tree limbs," he said. "Tree limbs have been the cause of about 90 percent of it. That comes with heavy snow."



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