City council approves HR services

Philip A. Janquart
 The City of Weiser is now using Dynamic Recruiting for its human resource services.
 In a special meeting held Thursday, March 2, the city council unanimously voted to approve the use of the third-party service provider, which will manage the city’s personnel matters, a duty previously handled by former City Clerk David Tate who resigned in December.
 Billing Clerk Natasha McDaniel was appointed to the position following his departure. Some of the duties under Tate’s control, however, have since been delegated to other employees.
 Mayor Randy Hibberd said the outside HR service is needed, in part, because there are currently no staff members that could fill the role in a timely manner.
 “HR has reached a point where it’s a professional service of its own and we didn’t have anyone in house that we felt we could bring up to speed in the amount of time that we need the services,” he told the Signal American on Monday. “It’s a matter of not knowing what you don’t know. Rather than take a risk of trying to train someone and missing things in the process that could make for costly mistakes, we chose to look outside,” he said.
 Some of the services Dynamic Recruiting could conduct under its services agreement with the city include:
 • Advise selected personnel with the City of Weiser on the administration of human resources policies and procedures.
 • Serve as an internal consultant and analyze current HR programs and recommend solutions.
 • Ensure assigned HR programs and services presented to the City of Weiser are in compliance with recommended policies and procedures and state/federal laws and regulations.
 • Develop, revise, and assist in the implementation of HR policies and procedures.
 • Research and provide guidance for related human resources questions.
 • Offer guidance  for the development of standardized HR practices and review periodically.
 • Develop methods for compiling and analyzing data for reports.
 • Special projects.
 Services will be on a per diem basis at $75 per hour and $200 for more complex issues, such as harassment cases or lawsuits.
 “We will still be doing the interviews for hiring and most of the on-the-ground services,” Hibberd said. The company, he continued, “has already taken a look at our online employment applications and we are revising those. [They] let us know that there are about seven areas. The next phase will be for [them] to look through our personnel manual and bring that up to speed.”
 Hibberd also mentioned adjustments to the city’s compensation structure. “We want to reinstate having annual reviews, basing increases (raises) on merit rather than simply the length of time that you have served with the city,” he said. “That’s what we’ve been doing. We would also like to have caps on some positions because there was no cap before.”


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