Christmas is a special time of year filled with family and friends

Wow!  It is already Christmas Time!
Cathy and I will be alone on Christmas because this year our children will be going to their in-laws on that day.
 This works out well because it will allow us to attend our church’s Christmas morning service.
 We will be getting together with family on the day after. It also works out that we will be able to spend more time with the kids and grandkids this way.
 I hope you are having a great time preparing for this Holiday! As I stated in a column a month ago, Christmas is my favorite day of the year!
 The things I love about Christmas include:
 - Decorating both inside and the outside of the house. (Although our outside decorations this year are a bit less than we normally put up.)
 - Listening to Christmas music.
 - Taking the time and effort to buy the perfect (or near perfect) gift for special people in our lives and those we love.
- Wrapping those same gifts.
- Baking cookies to give away
- Preparing for friends and family to either go to their place or come to our house.
- Getting together with friends and family.
- Taking turns unwrapping presents and watching the reactions.
- Spending the day just enjoying each other.
- Playing with the grandkids and helping them enjoy new toys.
 - Observing the traditions we do every year that are special to us.
 But most of all, I enjoy the Christmas Story and the meaning behind Christmas.
 May YOU have a joyous and wonderful Christmas this year and every year to come.


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