Candidates file for primary elections

Philip A. Janquart
Thirty-five candidates filed to run for local elected positions in Washington County in the Primary Election to be held May 21, 2024.
 The deadline to file was Friday, March 15.
 Some key races include the position of Washington County Prosecuting Attorney, with two candidates filing: Josh Dolton and True Pierce, both Republicans. The winner will serve a four-year term.
 Races for Washington County Commissioner District 1 and 3 positions are also up for grabs, with three candidates for the Dist. 1 position and two for the Dist. 3 position. 
 In District 1, candidates for the two-year term include Carolyn Wesner, Dem.; Jim Harberd, Rep.; and Lisa Collini, Rep. Current commission chairman Lyndon Haines (Dist. 1, Rep.) announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election. The Dist. 2 race for the four-year term is between Republican incumbent Gordon Wilkerson and Democrat Linda Strain.
 Seeking the Idaho House of Representatives seat for Dist. 9, seat A are incumbent Jacyn Gallagher and John Shirts, both Republicans. The Democrat candidate is Thomas Albritton. 
 Dist. 9, seat B candidates are Republican incumbent Judy Boyle and Democratic candidate Jody Keeler.
 Brandon Shippy and Scott Syme are the Republican candidates for the Dist. 9 Senate seat. Rachel Buck is the Democrat.
Here is the list of local candidates:
 County Commissioner, Dist. 1 – Carolyn Wesner, Dem; Jim Harberd, Rep.; and Lisa Collini, Rep.
 County Commissioner, Dist. 3 – Gordon Wilkerson, Rep.; and Linda Strain, Dem.
 Prosecuting Attorney – True Pierce, Rep.; and Josh Dolton, Rep.
 County Sheriff – Matthew Thomas, Rep.; and Ronald Pound, Rep.
Precinct Committeeman:
 01 Eaton Hale – Brian Miller, Rep.; Jon Mills, Rep.; and Eleonore Huggins, Dem.
 02 West Weiser – Ron Robbins, Rep.; and Bob Barber, Dem.
 03 South Weiser – Cassie Foster, Rep.; and Dylan Brown, Dem.
 04 Weiser – Lisa Collini, Rep.; and Margaret Jensen, Rep.
 05 Middle Weiser – Richard Callahan, Rep.; and Jack Wenderoth, Dem.
 06 East Weiser – Jay S. Chamberlin, Rep.; and Sam Lancaster, Rep.
 07 Midvale – Jay Langer, Rep.; and Jake Mikek, Rep.
 08 Cambridge – Ron Jaeger, Rep.; and Terri Fry, Rep.
 09 Pioneer – Austen R. Thomason, Rep.; Niki Houser, Rep.; and Lisa Horzen, Rep.
 10 Sunnyside – Jonna Duvall-Williams, Rep.; Chris Christopherson, Rep.; and Wendy Martell, Dem.
 11 Mineral – Debbie Moxley-Potter, Rep.; and Eric Kevin Brewer, Rep.


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