Blood drive volunteers appreciated and needed

Dorothy Evans
On March 6, the American Red Cross held their quarterly blood drive in Weiser’s Vendome Events Center. The 83 units collected will have a big impact since one donation can save three lives. Thanks to the 89 appointment-holders and walk-ins, we were able to match our December drive totals.
 It was not surprising when one of the walk-ins joked he was there for the much-beloved egg salad sandwiches. A long-time staple of the blood drive, the egg salad sandwiches have become synonymous with the drive and are our donors’ favorite.  In the past, we have had several volunteers make the sandwiches but we are now down to one, Mary Walker. Mary, a well-known community supporter, is willing to continue but says it is much more fun when she has someone to talk to. If you’d like to help Mary at future drives, please call me. My number is listed below.
 In the past, we have had a volunteer escort who guided the donors from the draw station to the food table. We haven’t had an escort for several years now but it would be nice to continue this service. If you enjoy talking to people, maybe you’d like to volunteer for this position.
 All our volunteers are special and appreciated but the real stars of the blood drive are the donors. Those giving permission to print their name are:  Jason Bair, Julie Derr, Trisha Thomson, Wil Overgaard, Rick Haynes, Sabrina Young, Mary Smith, Jim Hardenbrook, Marla Leedy, Wendy Martell, Veronica Vasquez, Pat Sullivan, Liz Sousa, Chris McCord, Ralph Graham, Sara Little, Daniel Little, Rebekah Tracy, Justin Beach, Aurora Salazar, Gil Salazar, Ed Roukema, Megan Overgaard, Martin Hiner, Melisse Hiner, Denise Wilson, Judy Mecham, Terri Turner, Sandy Cooper, Monica Odoms, Rhonda Hirata, Jan Mullins, Bridger Thomas, Dale Daugherty, Karen (Shorty) Shannon, Sherry Young, Maria Almanza, Ted Pettet, Haley Hoback-Phillips, Bob Barber, Steve Spencer, Mary Dimmitt, Dave Jenkins, Betty Maglecic, Jana Hill, Tara Wilkins, Judith Rios, Phil Condon, Kyle Dickerson, Shari Main, Connie Hagan, Anne Oglevie, Marge Kuehn-Tabor, Mark Christensen, Barbara Huck, Brian Johnson, Lorrie Dewyar, Qorianka Sierra, Alana DeYoung, Javier Perez, Erma Brunabend, Linda McLaughlin, Pamela Burris, Bill Pofahl, Sarah Bruce, Angela Glemser, Tim Nijhof, Trent Winegar, Mark Sands, Pia Garbarini, Jordan Barrett, Molly Jensen, Tammra Van Ness, Darlene Dain and Jill Grandi.
 The blood drive could not happen without the help of all the volunteers. Blood drive chairman, Alex Chavarria, pulled it together by lining up and calling donors. Coordinator Dorothy Evans worked the registration table during the drive and enters future appointments into the database after the drive. Pat West helped at the registration table and Mary Walker of Nu Masters sorority prepared sandwiches for the donors. Anna Loos, Beverly Attebery, Delores Overacker and Val Donicht of Xi Nu sorority kept the food tables supplied and prepared a delicious lasagna lunch for the volunteers and Red Cross workers. 
 Nu Masters and Xi Nu are members of the Beta Sigma Phi City Council who funds the purchase of the food. We are also grateful to MTE for their generous contribution that pays for supplies and WIFI.
 Weiser’s next quarterly blood drive will be held in the Vendome Events Center on Wednesday, May 1, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please call Alex Chavarria at (208) 602-7138 or Dorothy Evans at 208-550-0990 to schedule an appointment or go on the American Red Cross website to reserve your time slot. Your blood may save a life. There’s no better way to spend an hour of your time.


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