Big turnout at youth golf camp

A large number of area youth ages 7-15 spent last week learning the basic skills of golf in Joe Malay’s annual youth golf camp at Rolling HIlls Golf Course. Mike Pulsipher stepped in to assist the campers in perfecting their putting skills, while Kim Rowley, Dee Kressly, and Kevin Sylvester worked with them on driving and chipping. On Friday Prize Day, Kayli Ogburn and Owen Beams, pictured below with Malay, each won the fun grand prize inflatable water crafts, although Ogburn traded hers for a jar of pickles, saying she has a paddle board that keeps her busy. Photos by Nancy Grindstaff
Nancy Grindstaff
The turnout for Joe Malay’s annual Youth Golf Camp at Rolling Hills Golf Course reached record numbers, with 72 young golfers between the ages of 7-15 signed up.
 “We got a good turnout this year with 72,” Malay told the Signal American. “It’s a good game, they’re having fun, and the golf course is generous enough to loan us the course this week.
 “Kim Rowley is here, Mike Pulsipher is here, Dee Kressly a professional out of the Treasure Valley is helping me out this year, and so is Kevin Sylvester, aka Silver, is helping me with the instructions,” Malay added in his usual flair. “I have one bad wing right now. As everyone knows, Friday is prize day, and everybody here is going to win a prize this year.”
 Campers are divided into groups during the week-long camp, learning the finer points of the game at three different locations on the course.
 “We have the putting location, where they learn the basics of putting,” he said. “We have the chipping location where they learn the basics of chipping, and then we have the driving range where they can go out and hit full shots with woods and irons.
 “The instructors are at different locations and the kids get to change their games about every 22 minutes,” Malay went on. “The span is about 21 minutes, and I only entertain them for about a minute in between. We’ll do that again Thursday, then Friday we’ll take them out on the golf course and play a modified scramble, then we’ll get them back in here about 9:30 a.m., and give out the prizes. Everybody will get one, draw one. 
 “It’s a lot of fun, a good turnout, and lots of thanks to the community,” he said. 
 Malay sets up Friday’s prize days with enough prizes laid out on the front green for every participating player to win something. Using a deck or two of cards cut in half, the athletes draw half a card and match it to the correlating marked prize. 
 Grand prizes this year included an inflatable canoe and a four-person river tube. Young Owen Beams drew the card for the win of the inflatable canoe, while Kayli Ogburn won the four-person river tube.
 Saying she has a paddle board that she uses regularly, Ogburn opted to trade the tube to Reed Folke, who had won this year’s jar of pickles, and he didn’t put up any argument.
 Congratulations on another well done Weiser Youth Golf Camp.


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