Be an informed voter for the next levy election

To the Editor:
 I wish to express my gratitude about the school levy going down in defeat. I have seen other comments of disappointment and would like to air my grievances. 
 A majority of comments I have seen point to the fact that it would have “only” raised homeowners property taxes $59/$100,000 in value. I’m not sure about anyone else, but would venture to guess that there are folks that are feeling taxed enough already. 
 I purchased my home in 2017 and my property taxes have more than doubled since then due to an artificially inflated market. 
 It has been mentioned that as “patrons” of the WSD, it should be our responsibility to fund the requested upgrades to the schools. How many of the actual “patrons” are homeowners and pay property taxes. I’m willing to bet there are many “patrons” out there who are renters and this levy would affect them indirectly. With an increase in property taxes, that burden will be likely passed along to renters in the form of increased rent. 
 I am not a patron of the WSD as I do not, and have never had kids in the WSD, however I do support various school programs in other ways. 
 Maybe the district should look elsewhere for these monies to upgrade facilities. What happened to all the COVID $$$ the district received? 
 I’m sure there are other sources to tap into without taxing the homeowners again. Like most families, I have a budget that I must live within and sometimes must make uncomfortable cuts. I suggest the WSD do the same.
 I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can’t afford another property tax increase. It’s time for some tax relief instead. 
 It was mentioned in a previous letter that Lewiston approved a large school levy. Good for Lewiston; we are not Lewiston. 
 I would encourage all homeowners and renters in Weiser to think long and hard again since the WSD is putting up another levy for election in May. 
 Do we really want to be paying more property taxes on top of our already hefty burden? How much does it cost to get these levy’s on the ballot? I suggest that all voters do their homework and make an informed vote on the next levy.
 Curt Stanley


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