Audit results in clean bill of health for city finances

Philip A. Janquart
The Weiser City Council has approved an annual financial audit report that gives the city’s 2022 finances a clean bill of health.
 The third-party, external audit is conducted annually to objectively examine and evaluate the city’s financial statements, which must be accurately reflected in the city’s published budget. The audit was conducted by Quest CPAs Pllc. Kurt Folke represented the firm in a report presented during a regular council meeting held Monday, Feb. 13 at Weiser City Hall.
 Quest provides audit services for governmental agencies/districts, including school districts/charter schools, cities, counties, urban renewal agencies, and various special districts and are performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.
 “Just a big picture overview, the audit did go very well,” Folke said, addressing city council members. “We appreciate the city financial staff and their good work in getting us the books and records, having them in good shape and answering all the questions … going through the process each year.”
 The report presented to councilmembers, Folke said, is an “unmodified” report, “which is the best you can get.”
 Mayor Randy Hibberd provided the Weiser Signal American with a statement regarding the annual requirement and how the city will continue with the process going forward. Former city Clerk David Tate resigned in December. His position has since been modified, some of his previous duties delegated to other city employees.
 “The City of Weiser is in good shape financially. In the past, the budget was prepared after input from department heads and the mayor on their needs for the coming year,” Hibberd explained. “Budgeted amounts depended heavily on what was budgeted the prior year. After the budget was approved by the City Council, the budget was managed by the same individual with some input from department heads and the mayor. The City experienced surpluses several years in a row under this system. For this, the City is grateful.
 “Going forward, the budgeting process will work much the same, with input from the department heads and mayor with one person compiling the information. However, a collaborative approach with department heads, the mayor, and City Council will be used to allocate individual line expenses based on historical expense trends. The management of the budget will be monitored by one individual with the mayor’s oversight, but again, a more collaborative approach will be taken in the decision-making process.”
 A copy of the city’s FY2023 budget can be viewed by visiting under the “Documents & Links” tab.


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