Angel Wings brings in $26k from fundraisers

Philip A. Janquart
Angel Wings Network raised a total of $26,000 during its spring fundraising event.
 The annual Spring Online Auction coupled with the statewide Idaho Gives campaign comprises the group’s spring fundraising.
 “You know, I always set lofty goals and originally we set our goal at $30,000, but $26,000 is great,” said Angel Wings Executive Director Mabel Dobbs. “It’s a good number and within our budget range. Now, we are ready to hit summer and I think the Angel Riders deal is going to be a much bigger community event than it has been in the past because last year we had more people than we ever had before.”
 Dobbs referred to the “Horsin’ Around with the Angel Riders” annual event to take place this year on Saturday, June 15 at Fred Hust Arena, at 1179 W. Ninth St., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
 The burgeoning community event features the Angel Riders Drill Team, a group of riders that ride to help educate and spread awareness of Angel Wings Network. 
 “We ride in parades and represent Angel Wings Network, creating another avenue for people to know we are out there for them if they are battling cancer,” said Angel Riders Director Toni Burnett
 Angel Wings is a 501c3 nonprofit cancer support organization located in Weiser, Idaho. The riders assist Angel Wings by performing in rodeos, riding in parades, and hosting/participating in fundraisers to help people dealing with cancer in area rural communities.
 The Angel Riders will be giving horseback rides around the arena. Also planned is stick horse races, a cornhole tournament, and other fun activities. You can also meet Patron the Donkey and the Weenie Dog Herd. In addition, there will be various farm animals that people can pet and interact with, similar to a petting zoo. The animals are being brought in by Dobbs’ daughter, Zane Davis.
 Those choosing to take a horse ride will need to sign a liability release form.
 “My daughter Zane will bring some animals and Jennifer Green has brought in her little mini horses in the past,” Dobbs noted.
 Admission is free.
 Call (208) 414-9464 to register for the cornhole tournament by June 1. Cost is $20 per team, with winners receiving $100 in various gift cards.
 Lunch, including burgers and hotdogs, is free for cancer patients, survivors, and their families, according to Burnett.
 “It’s always the Saturday before Fiddle Festival activities start,” said Burnett who is also chair of the Angel Wings Network board of directors. 
 “These girls put in a lot of miles and use a lot of gas,” Dobbs added. “They (the Riders) do about five parades a year and do a great job of promoting Angel Wings.”
 Riders wear outfits and sport flags in the color of distinct types of cancers. For example, pink represents breast cancer while green represents liver cancer, and lavender, all cancers.”
 In the beginning, Horsin’ Around with the Angel Riders was only open to cancer patients, survivors, and their families, but is now a much-anticipated, community event open to everyone.
 “The first year we probably had about 40 people show up and we were happy with that because it was the first year,” said Burnett. “Last year, we had something like 270 people. That’s some pretty big growth.”
 The Angel Riders will also participate in the Fiddle Parade.
 Both Burnett and Dobbs said the Horsin’ Around event would not be possible without the support of the Weiser Valley Roundup Board of Directors.
 “The rodeo board has been a great sponsor to us,” she said. “They don’t charge us for the use of the arena, which we are very thankful for.”
 For more information, call Angel Wings Network at (208) 414-9464.


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