Actions speak louder than words

Dear Editor:
 Let me ask a question, WHY would a chairman of a political precinct committee cancel the last two meetings before a primary election in a big election year?
 I have asked this question over and over by email and text but have yet to receive an answer. Many things have transpired without the knowledge or approval of the precinct committeemen. There are flyers, social media posts and newspaper ads being placed that have not gone through our media committee for approval to be released. There are decisions being made without a vote from the precinct committeemen.  
 The precinct committeemen are elected by the people in their precinct to represent them. Our committee exists only to bring information to the community about candidates and elections so they can make informed decisions. 
 We do not exist to interfere in elections or to give an unfair advantage to select candidates. We do not exist to set policy or make laws. 
 There should be no lack of transparency or unethical behavior. Every decision made by the committee should be approved by the precinct committeemen. 
 Precinct committeemen have been threatened and bullied. Unfortunately, the time came for us to take a stand. It was with a heavy heart and many sleepless nights that this decision was made. 
 What is the reason, motive or agenda? The reason, motive or agenda appears to be hidden. When we ask questions, we do not get answers.
Debbie Moxley-Potter
#11 Mineral Precinct Committeewoman
 Idaho Statute 34-502. The executive committee serves at the pleasure of the precinct committeemen and committeewomen. 


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