Weiser is a great place to live, don’t let the negativity spoil the view

Dear Editor:
 In 1993 my wife and I and our four little children moved to Weiser, Idaho to take a position teaching and coaching at Weiser High School. We were both raised in small towns on the coast of California near the Oregon border.  
 We quickly were made to feel at home and loved the town motto of “We love our kids.” Our community was, and is, special for a lot of reasons. We have always looked out for each other, taken care of each other, mourned with each other and rejoiced with each other.  
 I am writing this letter today, something I have never done, because I have sensed in the past several years a shift in our sense of community. As I drive south on the highway I notice someone put up a sign telling all those who see it that our county is broken with a toilet on top of the truck trailer. I have witnessed dear friends of mine being treated badly in their careers. I have wondered what happened to the town my children still call “home” even though they don’t live here anymore.
 My children will often call home and ask questions about the negative posts on social media and ask about things that are happening in their hometown. It makes me sad that we have allowed negativity and cutting sound bites to define what we are and who we are.  
 I have often told anyone who will listen that just because we have the right to do it, or say it, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do or say. The Eagles (remember that band of the 1970s?) sang a song with the lyrics, “You see it your way, I see it mine But we both see it slipping away.” My hope is that we can see things differently but not let our sense of community slip away. I love Weiser and hope that as a community we will live up to our motto of love.  
 To those who shamefully put the sign up south of town I hope you have already taken it down but if not please take it down today. Our county, our city, is not broken, it is simply a group of human beings trying to do the best they can.  
 I was encouraged that the voters of Weiser passed the school levy as a message to all those who live here that we do love our kids and value their education. We came here with the promise of a great future and Weiser delivered. I look forward to the future for your children as they call Weiser home and become successful citizens and loving neighbors. 
 I hope we will always be kind to each other and remember that, it is always a “GREAT DAY TO BE A WOLVERINE.”
Tim Erhard
Weiser, Idaho


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