Still have your Christmas tree? City will haul off for free

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Friday was a treat for Cathy and me.  The youngest grandson who is in kindergarten needed a babysitter because his mother needed to work that day. His older brother had a snowshoeing field trip, so he was taken care of. So, Cathy picked him up at 0 dark thirty and brought him to our place.  
 Cathy let him do the activities that he wanted to do. It is fun seeing how the boys are in our house. There are a few simple guardrails, but otherwise the boys know they have the run of the house and have a lot of freedom.  
 We ate pizza at Ruszoni’s where he spent quarters in the gumball machines and played pinball. I took the later part of the day off so we could swim in the Cambridge hot springs.  
 In the pool, our grandson wanted to play “water zombies” which we found out has a lot of rules which tend to change at a moment’s notice. Of course, Cathy and I were the “zombies,” and our grandson was the prey. I don’t know about you, but I had never been a zombie before, nor have I watched many zombies, so I guess I had to have a crash course in zombie activities and behavior from a kindergartener. I’m not sure how accurate the “zombie” information we received but it sure was a lot of fun!
 When we dropped our grandson off at his parents’ that evening, we also got a report on snow shoeing, belly sledding, and the habits of snowshoe rabbits. It was a great day!
 In City business this week, don’t be surprised if you see someone drilling holes in Commercial Street sometime in the next couple or three weeks.  The City’s engineers will be taking core samples to determine the underlying ground composition of the road, particularly in the soft spots. This is being done to take mitigation measures when the road is reconstructed, hopefully this summer. So, if you see some strange activity on Commercial, please know that it is for a good purpose.  
 Also, I want you to keep your fingers crossed. As you may remember the City received $250,000 to construct a walkway from Weiser High School, down Indianhead Road, and then down the hill on State Street.  However, last summer we were unable to get a contractor to show any interest, let alone bid on the project.  Well, Mike Campbell, the Public Works Director, sent it out for bid again (during the contractors’ slow season) and four contractors have expressed interest. By the time you see this article we will be opening any bids we receive. Keep your fingers crossed that the City receives at least one.    
 Ken Anderson, the Recreation Department Director, is looking for lifeguards again this year. The City raised the starting pay for lifeguards last year from $7.25 to $10 an hour.  For those of you who are looking for some summer spending money while learning important skills this is a great opportunity. Last summer, the Weiser lifeguards saved a life on at least three separate occasions. There is responsibility, but also great self-satisfaction in this job.  
 So ... if you, or someone you know, is interested in getting paid to sit by a pool and soak up rays this summer, please contact Ken or Jhonna at 208-414-0301 or stop by the Recreation Department Office in the Vendome.   
 On another note, Ron McDaniel, the Street Department Supervisor, would like to remind everyone that the City will haul off any not so fresh Christmas trees you might have. The only requirement on your part would be to bring your slightly used tree to the curbside. This will let the workers know your intent to have the tree removed and make your tree easier to be seen in order for it to be hauled off.
 Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather even if it is wet!  
 Have a great week!


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