Signal American names 2023 Christmas news story winners

Every year the Weiser Signal American invites area youth to participate in its news story contest, which asks kids to write their own news story. Two winners are always chosen. Below, Joey Field, 6, who wrote about falling off the roof of his house while putting up Christmas lights, was one of the winners. The other winner, shown below, was Harlie Smith who wrote on the birth of Jesus. Above, a group picture was taken of this year’s participants. The picture was taken on Main Street in Weiser. Photos by Nancy Grindstaff and Sheri Smit

Harlie Smith, who is six-years-old, and lives in Weiser, is one of two that won this year’s news story contest sponsored by the Weiser Signal American. Photo by Nancy Grindstaff
Philip A. Janquart
Every year, the Weiser Signal American invites area youth to write their own news stories based on a subject of their choosing.
 Two winners are always chosen by the editor and featured in an issue of the newspaper.
 Over a dozen participated in this year’s contest, each receiving a McDonald’s gift card for their efforts, in addition to some Christmas candy.
 Story topics were wide-ranging, but more than one centered on what appears to be a common dilemma: Santa becoming stuck in chimneys that are too narrow to accommodate his cheerfully rotund frame. The young reporters came up with various versions of how Santa was able to escape his precarious situation, receiving assistance from his reindeer on one occasion and the family cat on another.
 One story involved overworked elves faced with the enormous task of wrapping presents for millions of children all over the world.
 All the children wrote great stories, making it hard to pick the winners. Nonetheless, two ultimately rose to the top of the list.
 This year’s winners represented a balance of holiday tradition and faithful observance of the “reason for the season.”
 The first winner chosen was Joey Field, age 6.
 “I was putting up lights when I fell off the roof, but Santa saved me and then he gave me a toy,” he wrote, conjuring up memories of the classic Chevy Chase film, “Christmas Vacation,” where Clark Griswold, Chase, found himself in a similar situation.
 The second winner chosen was Harlie Smith, 7, who told the story of Jesus’ birth.
 “When Jesus was born, nobody had a place for them to stay,” she wrote. “So, he was born in a stable and the shepherds, animals, and wise men were there. Even the angels. The wisemen had followed the star.”
 When asked about the true meaning of Christmas, she said, “It’s about baby Jesus.”
 When asked if she likes to get presents, too, Harlie simply stated, “Yeah.”
 Harlie added that she is just happy to be with her family during the Christmas season. The Signal American thanks all the children who took part in this year’s contest. Great job!
This year’s participating businesses and their prize winners:
 Weiser Vet Clinic: Lacey Walker, 3; Cruz Cardenas, 7; Adalyn Sorensen, 10; and Miriam, 8.
 Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling: Alyssa Langdon, 5; and Adalyn Sorensen, 10.
 Jim Pike & Co.: Cooper Messersmith, Hadlee Messersmith; and Nia Miller.
 Golden Horse: Kacey Haut; Coop Erm; Piper Phillips; Lylianna Cruz; Isabella Wooten; Issac Meyer; Kennaley Langdon; Daniela Perez; and Kelsey Mordhorst.
 Pioneer Express: Amani Sanchez, 6; Alyssa Langdon, 5; Wyatt Trotter, 5; and Leonida Sanchez, 8.
 Peoples Furniture: Camden Meyer, 7; and Kennaley Langdon, 9.
 Current Physical Therapy: William Thomas; and Eliza Parza.
 K Hardware: Miriam; Belen Ixta Prado; and Sophie McComish.
 Dominos Pizza: Eliza Parza, 9.
 Ol’ 95 Burger House: Radley Jones, 6; Ruby Jones, 8; Cooper Pfeifer, 5; and Harper Saldivar, 5.
 Les Schwab: Wyatt Trotter, 5; Angel Cervantes, 9; Anaya Vargas, 7; Lila Bair, 8; Sofia McComish, 6; and Joey Field, 6.
 Hollywood Beauty and Barber: Sophie McComish, 6.
 Dog & Cat Wellness: Adalyn Sorensen, 10; Kennaly Langdon, 9.
 Cook Shack on 7th: Alice Bair, 10.
 Bee Tree Folk School: Joey Field, 6; Alice Bair, 10; Lily Bair, 8; Evelyn Bair, 7; Isabella Wooten, 10; Camden Meyer, 7; Caitlin McComish, 8; and Sophie McComish, 6.
 Literary Paws: Emma McInroy, 8.
 Artful Bon’s: Emma Trotter, 7; Joey Field, 6; and Angel Cervantes.
 Amerititle: Parker Netherton, 11; Belen Ixta Prado, 7; Kennaley Langdon, 9; and Faith Nordgren, 8.
 Station 30: Ryder Erickson, 6.
 Legends on Main: Lily Bair, 8.
 Bo’s Barn: Alice Bair, 10.
 Two Rivers Real Estate: Alice Bair, 10; and Isaac Meyer, 2.
 Dille Dental: Kennaley Langdon, 9. 
 Weiser Signal American: Harlie Smith; Joey Field; Isabella Wooten; Wyatt Smith; Caydence Kress; Hadlee Messersmith; Kelsey Mordhorst; Madison Eastham; Caitlin McComish; Sophie McComish; Maxwell Cutler; Layla Cutler; Alice Bair; Lily Bair; Evelyn Bair; Rowen Van Ness; and Angel Cervantes.
 Other businesses participating include Weiser Classic Candy; Idaho Pizza; MTE Communications; and JEBS Corner. 
 Thanks and Merry Christmas!



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