Is this progress?

Dear Editor:
 On Aug. 15, Planning and Zoning met a second time to decide on a rezone of 30 acres at the base of Midvale Hill, Agriculture to Commercial, for a proposed truck stop, which would include an 80- to 90-room motel, C-store, RV park, tire center, hardware store, dog park, and God knows what else. 
 The meeting ran till 11:10 p.m.
 There was a lot of emotion present, as this will scar the Middle Valley forever. The hardest part for me to understand is not the traffic issues that everyone seemed to dwell on, but the loss of a lifestyle in our community. 
 I raised my family in Midvale since 1999. I have been blessed to have traveled and lived all over the world. I have held drivers’ licenses in seven states. So, I speak from broad experience when I say that this development, in this community, will not be the good thing some residents think it will. Is gas or milk being closer, progress? 
 Living in Midvale has never been convenient. It is what most people like about it. The true rural living environment is being lost all over our country and is about to get trampled right here. The local gas stations, motels, and stores will all take a hit to accommodate this big corporation. 
 The developers spoke through their lawyer this time. He didn’t like the sound of many of the questions the board members were asking him. In the end, he became very condescending towards the board, and citizens who showed up. Apparently, all us dumb yokels only think that noise, congestion, light pollution and yes, crime, come with a truck stop. We must be crazy!? 
 Developer property rights were stressed; property rights of adjacent homeowners be damned. 
 Some of my takeaways: there is no place left to hide. This is coming because the dollars are too enticing to ignore. There will always be a sellout. You can build anything you want on your property – no matter how it’s zoned – just change the zoning! 
 Hmmmm, maybe I should take that offer to store nuclear waste on the back 40? Cha-ching! 
Andrew Mikek
Midvale, Idaho


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