Open primaries is a non-partisan issue

Dear Editor,  
 I appreciate your concern about the Open Primaries Initiative, an initiative
that gives all Idahoans – including independent voters – the right to vote in primary elections.
 The article published in the Signal American suggests that this is a partisan
issue. In fact, the initiative was filed by a cross-partisan coalition of organizations called Idahoans for Open Primaries, a coalition that includes Veterans for Idaho Voters, the Idaho Chapter of Mormon Women for Ethical Government, North Idaho Women, the Hope Coalition, Reclaim Idaho, and Republicans for Open Primaries. The treasurer for the coalition is Bruce Newcomb, who served as Republican Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives for 8 years.
 The Open Primaries Initiative will give 270,000 independent voters the opportunity to have a voice in who their leaders will be by allowing them to vote no matter their party affiliation. Anyone can go to the website Idahoans for Open Primaries (  and read the Q&As about the initiative the Open Primaries Initiative. You can ask questions and get those questions answered. You can get information to sign a petition to get this initiative on the ballot next November 2024 so you and everyone can vote for or against the initiative. You will have a voice and your vote WILL be counted.   
 I encourage all Idahoans 18 and older to register to vote and sign the Open Primaries Initiative so it will qualify for the ballot in November 2024.  
Linda Strain
Weiser, Idaho


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