Misconceptions about Weiser River Animal Shelter

Dear Editor:
 At the Washington County P&Z meeting, concerns regarding the proposed animal shelter proposed to be located by the airport were voiced by members of the community.
 Let me address those concerns:
Regional shelter:
 That this will be an animal shelter serving all of Western Treasure Valley is incorrect. WRAS&R will not become a regional shelter. Our business model is to serve Washington County, Weiser, Midvale, and Cambridge. This county has more animals that are in need than one shelter alone can handle. Successful shelters set maximum animal limts. The limits planned for WRAS&R are nine dogs and 30 cats.
Loose animals:
 That dogs would be able to escape and run loose is incorrect. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires perimeters of airports to have 8-foot-high fencing to keep animals off of the runways. The 1.5-acre parcel at the airport will be enclosed on all sides, with 8-foot-high chain-link fencing. Outdoor exercise areas within the shelter property will have additional fencing.
 Dogs will be housed indoors at night and taken outside during the daytime for fresh air and exercise. Animals will NOT be outside during nighttime hours. While dogs do bark, proper care and exercise helps to minimize barking. The shelter will install soundproofing insulation and landscape plantings to help control noise.
Abandoned animals:
 While the concern that a shelter could encourage people to abandon animals in the area may be valid, currently there are daily reports of abandoned animals throughout our county. With a shelter, people that can no longer care for their animals will have a place to help them find their animals a new home.
 Regarding fire consuming the shelter, the building will have a sprinkler and alarm system. While airport hangars could be susceptible to fire due to aviation fuel, the closest hangar to the proposed shelter building is 465 feet away.
 While no location is perfect for an animal shelter, we feel that this is the best available in Washington County. We promise to work closely with all parties to help minimize any adverse effects that the shelter may cause.
Jim Felton
Weiser River Animal 
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